Online Craps: An Essential Guide with All Slots Casino

Enjoy a true casino classic when you opt for online craps, the game of dice that is filled with intrigue. Here at All Slots casino, all first-time players can get in on our generosity with our welcome deposit bonus of $1500. This offer is valid for a whole week, split into three smaller deposit bonuses and believe us when we say that there’s plenty more where that came from!

We’re well aware of the fact that not everyone is a seasoned craps player and that some might even deem this casino game to be unapproachable. The good news is that online craps is easy to learn and easy to play.  Thanks our various demo versions, you don’t have to spend any money to play the game, while the betting options allow you to play responsibly within your limits. 

What exactly is online craps?

Online craps is a perfectly realised digital version of the game of craps. Here at All Slots Casino all our table games are provided by Microgaming, so expect to play games with exquisite graphics and sounds. All the games are equipped with externally audited random number generators. This means that not only are our online craps games authentic, they’re also completely fair.  The game of craps itself is a relatively simple one that involves betting on the outcome of a pair of six-sided dice.  Each roll of the dice can have a different outcome and each combination carries a special significance.

Playing online casino craps

Online casino craps allows one to enter into a truly unique gaming experience and one wrought with playful complexities. The good news is that the game can easily be learned for free and then enjoyed for chances at real rewards. The game of craps can accommodate up to 8 players at a time, something applicable to our live dealer craps tables. When it comes to online craps however, it’s more of a private affair with the player going up against the game itself. The roll of the dice is of paramount importance and whoever shoots the dice is known as the “shooter”.  The first roll of the dice can yield one of three outcomes, and they are:

1. A natural number – seven or eleven – meaning that had you placed a bet on the ‘pass line’, you’d have won.

2. A craps number, - two, three or twelve – the opposite of what occurred in point no.1 and meaning that if you placed a bet on the  “don’t pass line”, you’d have won.

3. A point number – four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. If this happens, then the number rolled becomes the point number and you’ll continue to roll until the dice lands on point again or the number seven.

Conventionally the game of craps is overseen by a “boxman” who supervises the game and handles the cash, and a “stickman” who handles the dice and calls out the results. While these two individuals are missing from online casino craps, the game still plays out exactly the same due to its automated nature.

Terminology for a craps game online

Already we’ve explored some of the lingo you’re going to encounter when you play a craps game online. Let us now explore some additional terms, words and phrases that you’ll need to become familiar with.  You’ll need to have your wits about you to become truly proficient at a game like craps as there’s a fair amount of terminology to get familiar with. Luckily at an online casino like All Slots, we offer many of our games in demo mode, craps included, and like the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. Here at All Slots Casino you’re under no obligation to play for real money unless or until you feel you’re ready to do so. This is why you can enjoy a craps game online at absolutely no cost when you elect to play it in its demo format. Also referred to as free play, this way of playing provides players with ample opportunities to get familiar, to get comfortable, and to get ready for the real thing.

The game of craps

As pointed out, familiarisation is best achieved when you first try one of our Microgaming powered craps casino games in demo mode. With time on your side, you can pull up the rules and peruse them at your pleasure or even do an online search to read up about additional and applicable information regarding this much-loved dice game.  Once you’ve learnt the A to Z basics of craps, you’ll be ready to play for potential wins.

Terms and phrases you’ll encounter while playing include Aces, also known as Snake Eyes, meaning that the next roll will be two. Bank on the outcome being Any Craps and you’re making clear your belief that the outcome of the next roll will be a two, a three or a twelve. You’ll never hear someone shout out ‘seven’ at the craps table but you can be sure to hear the phrase ‘Big Red’ instead – for the same reason that you wish an actor good fortune by saying “break a leg”. The sheer volume of terms and phrases that you’ll encounter in a craps game online might at first seem a tad intimidating, but fret not, for practice will eventually yield results.  As you play you’ll learn about Box Numbers, Come Bets, Don’t Pass Bets, Front Line Bets, Field Bets, Garden Bets, Hop Bets -- in fact there’s not a bet you won’t know about when you start playing craps online. And believe us when we say that this is but a taste of things to come. In many ways craps is an online casino game designated towards the more serious player.

Types of craps online casino game bets

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the glossary of bets and terms you’ll familiarise yourself with, let us further unpack, explore and learn. When it comes to making craps online casino bets, it’s all about predicting the outcome, and believe us when we say there’s a lot to predict. The intricacies of craps means that you’ll have your hands full, but in a fun and entertaining way. Opt for a Pass Line Bet in the hopes that a seven or an eleven will be the end result. Go for a Come Bet and let it be known that you’d like a point number to be the outcome. Dramatically switch up your expectations with a Place Bet, meaning that either a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten will be rolled before a seven. Try a Big Six Bet in the hopes that a six will be rolled before a seven and if that’s not what you want, then try the Big Eight Bet instead. 

The All Slots Welcome Deposit Bonus

It’s hard to talk about online casino gaming without speaking about bonuses. Bonuses are a big deal in this industry and it’s something we here at All Sots have always availed to  new players and those who patronise our establishment. If you’re new to it all, then you’re more than welcome to try out our famous $1500 deposit bonus. We match your first three deposits 100% by up to $500 each, during your first week. This generous offer has long formed part of the All Slots loyalty programme and it’s just one of the many ways in which we thank our players for signing up with our establishment.

Online Craps FAQs

Got more questions about online craps? No problem! You’ve come to the right place! Here at our Frequently Asked Questions section we’ll delve into typically asked and pertinent questions revolving around the game of craps.

Q: Why is the game of craps called craps?

A: The game of craps carries a dual heritage with roots in both Britain and France. While there is no clear date of inception, the game is centuries old and its name has been attributed to squatting like a toad – hence its being called “crapaud” in France – which is a  direct reference to how players used to squat when playing the game.

Q: Does craps have a best bet?

A: In essence, all bets in craps depend on luck, however, if you’re looking for a bet deemed as safe and common, then go with the pass line bet.  A win at this bet provides an even money payout and the house edge on it is 1.41%.

Q: What exactly are craps numbers?

A: There are three craps numbers in total and they are two, three and twelve.

Q: Can I play craps online?

A: Of course you can! The All Slots Casino experience is an all-encompassing one entailing everything from online slots to online scratch cards.Online craps forms part of the numerous casino games on offer that you can enjoy on your PC or your smartphone.

Q: Can I play for real money?

A: Yes, you can play for real money, but the choice is yours. The vast majority of the games we offer are available in demo formats, meaning you can play them at no cost. However, should you feel inclined to play for real cash rewards, then simply make a deposit and choose the game of your choice.

Q: Are the games rigged?

A: Any operator caught rigging their games will wind up in hot water with the gaming authorities. All Slots Casino is a fully licensed and regulated establishment, meaning that we adhere to strict gaming policies and procedures as handed down by the Malta Gaming Authority. In addition to our gaming license, we’re also externally audited by eCOGRA and a member of the famous Fortune Lounge Group.