Play Authentic Live Baccarat Online

The iconic table game of baccarat is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It’s often associated with high rollers and exotic places like Macau, where baccarat is far and away the top game in that city’s teeming casinos, but there’s no need to trek all that way to play a round. At All Slots online casino live baccarat is here to transport players to the baccarat table without leaving the comfort of their preferred gaming environment. You can play baccarat online wherever you like, whether it’s on a desktop in a dedicated games room or out and about on your smartphone or tablet. As loyal All Slots members appreciate, all our games have mobile friendly versions that are optimised to suit the screen size and processing power of the player’s device of choice, and all major platforms – Android, iPhone, Windows – are completely compatible. That means you can play live baccarat, live blackjack and live roulette as well as our extensive range of casual games and slots anywhere, any time, with ease.

How do play baccarat online

“Baccarat”, meaning “zero” in an obscure Italian dialect, points clearly to the importance of numbers in this simple but elegant classic. As presented at a conventional casino, our online casino live baccarat game is played with 8 cards dealt by a banker from a dealing box known as a shoe. The player then has to bet on one of three possible outcomes. Either the banker hand is closest to a value of 9, or the player hand is, or the result is a tie. The banker then deals himself and the player two cards each. If the player’s hand has a value less than 5, they get a third card and the same goes for the banker. Then it’s time to reveal the cards and determine the outcome of the bet. The value of a hand is calculated according to the baccarat numbering system: All 10s and face cards equal 0 and the last digit of the total is the final score. For example, a Queen, a 5 and a 7 equal 12, so the final score is 2. Whatever adds up to 10 – say, a 4 and 6 – is a baccarat hand, which is to say zero.

Join a live baccarat table

Baccarat online comes in many guises but live baccarat has to be the most compelling. The clue is in that word “live”. When you play live baccarat at All Slots, it’s just like being in a casino in Macau! A serene yet luxurious ambiance is provided by the opulent oriental furnishings of the play area. Sitting opposite you at a characteristic bean-shaped baccarat table, your friendly, courteous live dealer welcomes you to the table and the game begins.

What makes the live baccarat game experience so special is the quality of the whole production. Every detail of the game, from the dealer’s chat to the cards on the table, is streamed to your screen from multiple camera angles in full HD quality. The sense of actually being at a baccarat table takes over – you feel as though you’re really in the room, and your knowledgeable dealer makes you feel completely at home. If you’re a total beginner, no problem – your dealer is there to help and explain. If you’re a seasoned baccarat player, you’ll relish the slick professionalism the dealer brings to the table, as well as the opportunity to play online with real cards! At the same time, the player-friendly interface puts tools at your disposal that you wouldn’t be able to use in a standard casino environment. These include a wide selection of road maps that give you the latest trends at a glance.

Road maps, beads and baccarat odds

In baccarat, road maps are scoreboards that show the results for more than 60 hands dealt previously from the shoe. The idea is to provide statistics that the player can use to gauge the baccarat odds in making their betting decision. Part of the appeal of live baccarat is that the player has all the traditional road maps at their disposal.

The bead plate, a simple grid filled with beads in different colours – red for banker wins, blue for player wins and green for ties.

The Big Road scoreboard is meant to help players detect trends by focusing on consecutive wins for player hand and banker hand bets. A bet that wins more than six times in a row is called a “dragon tail”.

Used in conjunction with the Big Road, the Big Eye Boy roadmap is designed to provide insights into whether the results are changing with each hand or whether patterns are repeating themselves.

The Small Road and Cockroach Pig roadmaps are variations on the Big Eye Boy and Small Road respectively.

Baccarat live casino variations

In addition to classic live baccarat, players can experience a number of intriguing variations on the theme.

Keen for a quick game? Live Speed Baccarat plays out at 27 seconds per round – the cards are dealt face up for faster play.

If the feeling of suspense adds to your gaming experience, Live Baccarat Squeeze is your ticket to satisfaction. The cards are dealt face down, the hand on which the lowest bet has been placed is revealed and the highest bet hand then undergoes the time-honoured baccarat ritual known as the Squeeze. First the short edge, then the long edge of each card is shown until finally the hand is revealed.

Taking this concept even further, the Live Baccarat Control Squeeze variation puts the ability to control the squeeze into the hands of the player. This might sound impossible in an online casino setting, but such is the ingenuity of Evolution Gaming that they have found a way. The way it works is that the dealer places the cards face down on a special glass inset equipped with cameras. The image of the cards appears on your screen and, using a finger or a mouse, you slowly pull back the edges of the cards until at last the value of the hand is revealed!

Online casino live baccarat bets and payouts

The standard bets are player hand, banker hand and tie. A bet on the player hand receives an even-money payout. A winning banker hand pays out even money minus a commission paid to the house. A tie pays out 8 to 1 provided that the player bet on a tie.

For added variety, players can make a number of side bets. You can bet on player or banker getting a pair – a successful pairs bet pays out 11:1. Two identical cards dealt to either player or banker is called a Perfect Pair and pays out 25:1 for a successful bet. This goes up to 200:1 if both player and banker both get the same. Finally, a Player Bonus or Banker Bonus comes into play if the hand you chose is a natural 8 or 9 and wins by at least 4 points. This can pay out anything from 1:1 to 30:1, depending on the difference between the hands.

Live baccarat online: FAQs

If you have any questions about playing live baccarat online with All Slots Casino, you’re likely to find the answers here.

Q: Where can I play live baccarat online?

A: For the best live baccarat online experience, choose a casino like All Slots that offers the best live baccarat games designed by Evolution Gaming.

Q: Is it safe to play live baccarat online?

A: All Slots Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and is the proud recipient of the eCOGRA Seal of Approval. This means that when you play live baccarat online with us, you play in a secure environment where your personal and financial details are completely safe at all times.

Q: What is the best bet in baccarat?

A: Because the banker has statistically higher chance of winning than the player, a banker bet is considered to be the safest. A winning banking bet incurs a commission to the house.

Q: What is the worst bet in baccarat?

A: Statistically, a tie bet has the lowest chances to win.

Q: Is baccarat a game of chance or a game of skill?

A: Players can use baccarat roadmaps to distinguish trends and patterns but baccarat is nonetheless considered to be a game of chance rather than one of strategy. 

Q: What’s the best hand in baccarat?

A: A hand with a value of 9 is the best.

Q: What is a ‘natural’ in live baccarat online?

A: A hand with a value of 8 or 9 on the first deal is a natural and wins straight away unless it is a natural 8 against a natural 9.

Q: How do I play live baccarat online?

A: At All Slots online casino live baccarat is one among hundreds of casino games you can play if you simply register as a member. First-time players can even claim a generous Welcome Bonus of up to $1500. We match your first deposit 100% by up to $500, and we will match your second and third deposits to the same amount in your first week with us.