Welcome to Live Blackjack Online!

All Slots Casino is proud to present live blackjack online, available right now to give you the ultimate gaming experience and one stop convenience. Just when you thought that the online casino industry had given you everything it possibly could, along comes live casino gaming and changes the game forever! Here at All Slots Casino we’ve made sure that if you’re going to play these games with us, that you’ll be playing the best ones possible. Our sourcing policy has always been sound and simple: go with the best! We’ve done it for years with Microgaming and now we’re doing it again – this time with Evolution Gaming. Real casino settings, actual croupiers, real tables and real winning possibilities – these are all the qualities inherent in our live dealer games and it’s what you’ll get when you elect to play and enjoy live blackjack online.

Real Blackjack Tables

We’ve always prided ourselves in offering players blackjack games that emulate the real thing. Due to the fact that all our online blackjack titles work off externally audited random number generators, all outcomes are fair, random and independent. In acquiring a selection of live dealer games, we’re now able to offer real blackjack tables with all the betting action as well as optional bets like Live Blackjack Perfect Pairs. No digital, no virtual – just real.  If anything, casino games such as live blackjack online represent the cusp of gaming technology. When online casino gaming began, to where it finds itself now with live dealer gaming, is where it always wanted to be. Our real blackjack tables give players variations they would not encounter inside a brick and mortar establishment and unlike traditional table games, our table games, thanks to the wonders of technology, can accommodate a lot more players than the standard 4 to 8.  All of this adds up to the best live blackjack online Canada has ever had! 

Live Blackjack Tables by Evolution Gaming

You may not know this, but not all casino games are created equal. Various gaming content producers exist for a reason, and with that, competition. Brand loyalty and brand equity count even in the online casino market. It’s the equivalent of electing one pair of sneakers over another or buying one brand of jeans over another.  The same concept of discernment applies to the casino gaming industry. Here at All Slots Casino we’ve always believed in opting for nothing but the best, it’s why when we opened shop many moons ago, we didn’t think twice when the decision was made to partner with Microgaming.  And so, when the time came to step up to the plate and offer our players the best possible live dealer games available, we went straight for Evolution Gaming. Their line-up of titles including live blackjack online are by far the most immersive, intricate and entertaining of the lot. 

Live Blackjack Strategy

For as long as it’s been around, blackjack has been touted as a game that carries with it a degree of strategy, and in some ways this is true. For instance, there are strategy charts that can be used to play and to assist in making certain decisions. It needs to be noted though that even through the use of a live blackjack strategy, positive outcomes are in no way guaranteed. Instead, if you’re going to make use of a strategy chart, something very easily acquired online,  it will serve as nothing more than a guideline. A live blackjack strategy is a series of moves and suggestions that the player can elect to use based on the hand of the dealer and that of his or her own.

The Best Live Blackjack Online

Here at All Slots Casino you can experience the best live blackjack online comprising various titles and thus variations of this old and well-liked classic. Blackjack is often deemed the king of card games and with valid reasons. It’s a card game that’s easy to learn and fun to play. Plus, the sheer excitement of waiting to see what kind of cards will be revealed is almost palpable.  Our Evolution Gaming powered live blackjack online games includes Live Blackjack, your standard blackjack setup which can accommodate up to 7 players at a time and even more thanks to some really innovative features, and two versions of Private Blackjack, also known as Salon Privé. These versions cater more for the discerning, high wagering player. What does it all come down to you might ask? That there’s something for everyone!

Live Blackjack Table FAQ

Now that you’ve gotten the gist of live blackjack tables and what it essentially entails, you might want to know more, and for these very reasons, we will address common questions regarding this fantastic game of chance.

Q: How do I play live blackjack online?

A: The first thing you’ll need is an All Slots Casino account. Registration is a quick and simple process, after which you’ll receive a Username and Password. Log into your casino account, choose the live dealer lobby and then simply select the live blackjack online table you’d like to join.

Q: Are there mobile live blackjack tables?

A: Here at All Slots Casino we’ve taken every possible step to ensure the fact that players get to game on their terms. One of the definitive ways in which we’ve accomplished this goal is by way of making our products available as mobile casino games.  From slots to scratchcard games, we’ve made it possible for smartphones, tablets, Android, iOS, Windows – you name it – to all integrate our range of games. Each of our live blackjack tables can be accessed on mobile devices and based on your connection speed, will provide a screen resolution to suit that speed.

Q: How realistic are these live blackjack tables?

A: To put it quite plainly, it doesn’t get any more realistic than this. Evolution Gaming have constructed purpose-built casino studios around the world from which to beam these games in real time. This creates a truly unique opportunity for the player as it means that an actual game of blackjack is accessible without the need to venture away from one’s comfort zone.  From actual casino surroundings to actual tables, down to professional and courteous dealers,  everything about our live blackjack tables are real. In addition, not only are these live dealer games real, they’re also loaded with ultra-cool extras that you’d never get inside a brick and mortar casino.

Q: What makes live blackjack online so special?

A: Quite a few things actually! For one, all our live blackjack online games offer players multiple camera angles from which to view the action. No need to nudge other players to see what’s happening or anything along those lines! In addition to the multi-camera options, players can also view the game in 3D and classic vision. The 3D option showcases the table along with betting grids while the classic options remains the most popular choice as it allows one a clear view of the table and the dealer.

Q: How many versions of blackjack are there?

A: At the moment All Slots Casino provides players with three versions of live blackjack online, however, Evolution Gaming have created even more versions of this illustrious card and table game. Other renditions include Speed Blackjack, Infinite Blackjack, Free Bet Blackjack, Power Blackjack and Blackjack Party. Each version provides something a little different while still holding true to the foundational rules of blackjack. At All Slots we’re always looking to expand our gaming portfolio, thus making these aforementioned titles major future candidates at our establishment.

Q: What kind of extra features can I expect?

A: One of the biggest drawcards of live dealer games are the additional and optional extras included in each game.  Live Online Blackjack comes with the kind of extras that are designed not to only improve the player experience, but to provide unique betting opportunities that wouldn’t be afforded to one in a brick and mortar environment.   One major feature that sets live blackjack apart from any other type is something called Bet Behind. This feature does a couple of things at once; it takes away any waiting time a player might experience and allows more players to bet on the same game. To illustrate, a typical live blackjack table can seat up to 8 players, meaning that anyone else would have to wait their turn. The Bet Behind feature eliminates this problem by allowing those waiting to still get in on the betting action and it achieves this by letting those players bet on the outcomes of the hands of the players seated at the table.