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Dragon’s Fortune at All Slots Android Casino

Dragon's Fortune on Android
Android Scratch Card Game

How to Play Android Dragon’s Fortune

The Android Dragon's Fortune game is a Chinese themed game where a fearsome looking dragon who spouts fire churns out pearls decorated in colourful Chinese lettering.

If any two of these Chinese symbols match then you become a winner. The amount that you win directly correlates to the matching symbols and the numbers that they represent, which can be anything from 1 to 20000.

Your calculated winning amount is based on the coin bet that you have placed and it is multiplied by the number signified by the two matching pearls. Dragon's Fortune is a simple game which relies totally on luck and the power of the random number generator of the All Slot Casino.

Benefits of Playing at the All Slots Android Casino

When playing Android Dragon's Fortune you can also take advantage of the fantastic customer support and service which is offered at the All Slot Casino. Around-the-clock customer service is accompanied by excellent easy-to-use and secure payment options.

As a new player to the casino you can also benefit from a generous sign up bonus offer which is followed up with monthly match up bonus offers for every deposit that you make.

In today's world, busy lives are part and parcel of our existence but this should not and does not exclude the right to have fun and enjoy oneself.

The All Slots Android Casino provides a perfect gaming platform which you can carry around with you wherever you are and whatever you are doing, where you can access the casino and games at any time.

Many of the games, including the Android Dragon’s Fortune, can also be played for fun or practice which gives you a chance to get to know the games before placing real money bets and going for the real money jackpots.

The All Slots Android Casino has a fine range of casino games that have been specially adapted to be played on the Android phone.

Amongst the games at this All Slot Casino you will find a variety of slots games, a Roulette game, Video Poker, and Android scratch cards.

The two scratch card games are Bingo Bonanza and Android Dragon's Fortune, which offer similar but very different experiences where you can instantly win up to 20000 times the coin bet you have placed.

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