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Play Bingo Bonanza on Blackberry Today

Bingo Bonanza on Blackberry
Blackberry Scratch Card Game

Blackberry Scratch Card Games on the Go

Bingo Bonanza on Blackberry is particularly well suited for the small screen of the Blackberry phone because all of the action takes place in a contained space. It's easy to get started and takes so little time to play, you can play several times in the space of time it takes to play most other casino games.

You can play Bingo Bonanza on Blackberry at All Slot Casino for real money without downloading any apps to your phone. Just visit the site and play through your phone's Internet browser.

The game consists of a single screen that asks you to choose your stake. Then hit Play and watch the six bingo balls appear. If any two of them match, you're a Bingo Bonanza winner. It's that simple.

The amount of your winnings is equal to the amount written on the balls that form the match. The totals reach as high as 20,000 times your stake, so don't take instant win scratch cards lightly. With six balls and only eight possibilities, including 20,000, 5,000, and 250 times your original bet, you only need a little bit of luck to get a payoff.

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The Allslots Blackberry casino offers a wide array of high quality mobile casino games.

Bingo Bonanza on Blackberry is the perfect game to play when you're on the go or when you have down time, like when you're on the train home from work or when you're waiting in line at the bank or at an office.

It only takes a minute to play, so it's perfect for those short bits of time between activities that would otherwise go to waste. Best of all, with the Blackberry phone, you are always online, so you never have to miss a payoff.


When people think about online casino games, most will imagine their favourite slots games, or maybe table games such as Blackjack or poker, or even roulette, the most iconic of all casino images.

But there are other games, such as instant win scratch card games, that are just as exciting as the classics and, with a little bit of luck, could also fatten your wallet.

The All Slot Casino features two Blackberry scratch card games, Dragon's Fortune and Bingo Bonanza. Both are quick and easy games that rely on more luck than skill to bring winnings.

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