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Blackberry Dragon's Fortune Offered at All Slots Casino

Dragon's Fortune on Blackberry
Blackberry Scratch Card Game

Chinese Theme in Blackberry Dragons Fortune

The Blackberry Dragon's Fortune game has a distinctive Chinese theme to it where a fiery dragon hurls out different pearls which are decorated with Chinese characters.
  • The aim of the game is to try and match two of the pearls in order to win. Once your bet has been placed, all that you have to do is sit back and watch as the dragon spits six different pearls with Chinese characters on them out of his mouth. These pearls hit the gong in the centre of the screen before finding their resting place on the screen.

  • If any two of the six pearls which have been spewed out of the dragon match, then a win is declared.

  • The amount that is won is calculated according to the two matching Chinese symbols and is multiplied by the coin bet placed at the beginning of the game.

Blackberry Casino Extras from All Slots Casino

Playing Blackberry Dragon's Fortune at the All Slots Casino has many advantages including the fact that there is all round customer support day and night at the casino together with a generous sign up bonus offer for new players and an ongoing bonus program for existing players.

At the Blackberry Casino you can also play Dragon's Fortune for fun or practice before you place real money bets which gives you a short insight into how the game works.

Using the Blackberry casino for your favorite casino games means that you can play the most popular games offered by All Slots Casino wherever you are in the world, as long as you have the right connection on your Blackberry. It is simple and easy to understand and play in addition to offering some great potential rewards.


The Blackberry Casino of the All Slots offers a wide range of casino games. Amongst these casino games there are slots games, a roulette game and a video poker game to choose from.

One of the most popular game styles of games for a casino is the Blackberry scratch cards. These are instant win games where you place your bet and the computer or in this case, the Blackberry does all the work for you.

All Slots Casino for the Blackberry offers two such games, Bingo Bonanza and the Blackberry Dragon's Fortune game, which are very similar, but with different themes.

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