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Play Scratch'n'Score on Your BlackBerry

Scratch'n'Score on BlackBerry
Blackberry Scratch Card Game

How to Play Scratch'n'Score

With Scratch'n'Score at All Slots Online Casino, different symbols offer different levels of multipliers. A gold football, for example, gives you a 20x multiplier if you win, and a white football gives you a 10x multiplier.

The Championship cup, however, is the best symbol of all, offering a whopping 50x multiplier to some lucky winner. While other symbols offer smaller multipliers, every symbol in Scratch'n'Score has some multiplier attached to it, even the referee's whistle, which gives you a 5x multiplier.

To win, all it takes is to uncover three matching symbols, and you get your wager multiplied by the amount associated with the symbol you uncovered. It's that simple, just like a regular scratch card game, but with the ease you expect from the casino on your BlackBerry WAP phone.

Scratch Card Games Anywhere and Anytime

Scratch'n'Score is only one of the scratch cards for BlackBerry available at the All Slots Online Casino. You can also play Dragon's Fortune, which has an ancient Asian theme.

Scratch card games are perfect for your BlackBerry WAP phone because they are quick and easy to play, so you can play them when you have down time, no matter where you are.

You don't need a lot of time to play, so you can have a game while waiting for your turn at the doctor's office, or even while waiting for your food to arrive at your favourite restaurant. And who knows, you might be a winner, which could help pay for the meal. So visit All Slots and try out a scratch card game today.


If you like to play scratch card games, you'll love playing them on your BlackBerry. The cards are just like the ones you buy at your local shop or stand, but without the hassle of going out to get them.

Playing scratch cards for BlackBerry is fun and easy, and you can get a new card any time the mood strikes, day or night.

And if you're a sports fan, you'll be especially excited to try out Scratch'n'Score, a football-themed Scratch Card Game available at the casino on your BlackBerry.

The game takes full advantage of the digital age. You get a new card with one click, and you uncover a space with one click. You also get the benefit of multipliers and special symbols that not only make the game more exciting but also bring you a bigger payout if you're a winner.

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