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Major Millions on Your Blackberry at AllSlots

Major Millions on Blackberry
Progressive Blackberry Slots Game
The Blackberry is an amazing device and an indispensable part of many people's lifestyle.

The Blackberry also has the possibility of keeping us entertained during our downtime and can, if we place our bets carefully, even enable us to win major millions.

Like Major Millions, Allslotcasino offers a wide range of casino games that can be played on the Blackberry 9670, the Blackberry 9780 and the Blackberry 9800.

Blackberry Major Millions a Progressive Slots Game

Major Millions is a Blackberry progressive slots game, which means that it is a slot game with an unlimited jackpot. Every time someone plays Major Millions, the jackpot keeps getting bigger.

Other example of progressive slots in the Blackberry casino is, Mega Moolah. Some of these are 5 reel slots and some like Major Millions are 3-reel slots.

How to Win at Blackberry Major Millions

Blackberry Major Millions, as mentioned above, is a 3 reel, 3-payline mobile slot machine with a military theme. You may wager up to three coins, with each coin opening up a new payline.

  • The wild symbol in Major Millions, is Major Millions himself and he can be used to complete any combination.
  • All combinations that are made with the assistance of the major, triple the value of that win. If you spin three Major Millions on the first payline you can win 25,000 coins. Three Major Millions on the second payline and you have netted yourself 50,000 coins.
The Major Millions will really start to pour in however, if you spin three Major Millions on the third payline, you have then really won the jackpot!

The Major Winning Possibilities in the Palm of your Hand

The progressive jackpot of Major Millions has already made some players instant millionaires. Whenever Microgaming players play at Major Millions, whether this is at the online casino, the general mobile casino, or specifically the Blackberry casino, more money will get added to the pot.

This results in a progressive jackpot that is getting bigger all the time, your best bet when playing Blackberry Major Millions is to bet on all 3 paylines this is the maximum wager and will give you the greatest chance of activating that huge jackpot.

Major Millions has one of the biggest jackpots of any mobile casino game of all time. Playing slots games on Blackberry has never been more majorly worthwhile than now. Major Millions is fun, it is fast and the huge jackpot just keeps getting bigger all the time.


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