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Play Video Poker on Your iPad

Video Poker on iPad
iPad Casino Game

Jacks or Better Explained

With this in mind, players will want to know more about the iPad casino games that are offered on the device and about poker specifically. The video poker for iPad game is a standard video poker game. There aren't any wild cards here, but there is an awesome payout of up to 4000 coins. When you get to the iPad touch Casino poker game, you'll see that you need to place a bet.
  • Then you'll tap "Deal" to start to play and you'll get five cards.
  • You tap the cards you want to hold and will then draw to get new cards.
  • The payout table will then highlight any wins that you have with video poker for iPad.
  • You can then double to go to the doubling phase or collect to get your payout.

More iPad touch Casino Fun

If you choose to double with the iPad touch Casino this means that five new cards will be dealt and the dealer will have a card face up. The idea here is to see if you have a higher card than the dealer does. You select one of the four face-down cards, and if yours is a higher value than the dealer's, you've won. You can then collect your win (which is double your original payout) or you can double again.

All Slots Online Casino

While simple in nature, the Jacks Or Better game is quite fun at the All Slots Casino. It creates a fast-paced game and one that requires a bit of skill and some luck. This is a great combination, allowing you to enjoy yourself while also building upon your skill.

Certainly, when you first begin to play you can play in demo mode and get a feel for the game. Then, to truly have fun, you'll want to play in real money mode and have a great time with video poker for iPad!

If you have an iPad, then you know what an amazing experience it is. It offers you incredible graphics, great sound effects and a user-friendly experience.

What better way to play Jacks Or Better than do to so on the iPad and to enjoy the experience even more than you might at the online casino.

And, it's important for iPad touch Casino users to know that you are still eligible for all of the same bonuses, promotions and other offers that online casino users are privy to.

Just because you're playing and enjoying on the iPad doesn't mean that you can also enjoy bonuses and promotions that are offered from the All Slots Online Casino site.

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