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European iPhone Roulette at Allslot

European Roulette On iPhone
iPhone Roulette Game

What is iPhone Roulette?

When playing iPhone Roulette the rules are the same as the main casino game where you can place inside and outside bets on the rich green betting grid.

In fact you can also employ the same Roulette strategy at the All Slots Online Casino for iPhone that you would at the main casino. It is recommended to cover a range of bets which include inside and outside bets.

  • Inside bets are bets on single numbers or small groups of numbers that sit together on the grid; they pay the highest odds with a single-number bet offering odds of 35 to 1.
  • Outside bets are bets on larger groups of numbers which include betting on even or odd numbers, red or black numbers, the first dozen numbers, and so on. Once your bets have been placed all that remains is to set the wheel spinning.

Play iPhone Roulette for Fun or Real Money

Just as with the main online casino game at allslot, the iPhone European roulette game offers a very clear picture and realistic view of the spinning roulette wheel where you can watch with anticipation as the ball spins in the wooden wheel and comes to rest in one of the pockets.

The number and colour of the pocket in which it comes to rest will determine whether you have won and how much you have won. As with all of the casino games of All Slots Casino, apart from the progressive slots, you can play iPhone Roulette for fun or practice before you place real money bets which will give you a good feel for the game and how it works.

The thrills and satisfaction of this age-old game have been reproduced exquisitely for the iPhone and using the touch controls that come with the game makes you feel a full and active part of the game.

There is an exciting range of casino games for iPhone available to play at the All Slots Online Casino for iPhone.

Amongst these games you will find iPhone Roulette, which uses the European Roulette wheel. This is a wheel with 37 pockets made up of a single zero plus the numbers from 1 to 36.

The European roulette wheel gives the player better odds of winning than the American wheel, which has 38 pockets including both a single-zero and a double-zero.

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