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iPhone Bingo Bonanza at All Slot

Bingo Bonanza on iPhone
iPhone Scratch Card Game

How to Play iPhone Bingo Bonanza

The iPhone Bingo Bonanza game is a mixture of Bingo and an instant scratch card game.
  • Once you click on to the game by using the touch controls of the iPhone you are taken to a screen where you will see numbered balls flying around, much like bingo balls.
  • Once you have placed your bet, which can range from 0.50 up to 10.00 credits in coin size, the computer then takes over and randomly churns out six bingo balls.
  • Each of the balls has a number on it which range from 1 to 20000.
  • If any two of the six balls that have been randomly sent out of the computer match then you have a Bingo Bonanza win.
  • The amount that you won is calculated by the matching numbers on your balls which is multiplied by the coin bet you have placed. With numbers ranging from 1 to 20000 the winning potential is incredible.

The Advantages of iPhone Bingo Bonanza

Playing iPhone Bingo Bonanza is not only fun and rewarding but the convenience and ease of playing the game contribute to the overall satisfaction and excitement that you will receive when playing this game.

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing you can enjoy the games of the iPhone casino from All Slot which include the scratch card games.

The scratch card games when playing for real money will provide you with real instant wins; it is a game of pure luck and you do not have to exert extra energy on strategy and tactics.

The iPhone Bingo Bonanza is a perfect casino game to play when you are on the move, commuting or even standing in a supermarket queue as the flying bingo balls are mesmerizing, the results are instant, and the satisfaction is incredible.

The iPhone Bingo Bonanza game is one of the two instant iPhone scratch card games available to play for fun or real money at the All Slots Casino for iPhone.

The other game is Dragon's Fortune which has a definite Chinese feel and theme to it.

Playing any of the casino games offered at the All Slots Casino for iPhone gives you the convenience of always having the game with you together with the support, customer service and generous bonus options which All Slot are known for.

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