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iPhone Dragon's Fortune At Allslotscasino

Dragon's Fortune on iPhone
iPhone Scratch Card Game

Try Your Fortune at the All Slots Casino

When you're ready to try your fortune on your iPhone, go to the All Slot Casino and try out the iPhone Dragon's Fortune.
  • Here, you'll see a dragon who will breathe six coloured pearls with Chinese characters out at you.
  • The pearls at this game will fly out, one at a time, and settle in a row.
  • Now, the exciting part is in waiting to see if any two match. All it takes is two to make a match and you'll have won at iPhone Dragon's Fortune.
This is one of the iPhone games, which also includes Bingo Bonanza, that is beautiful in its simplicity.

Simplicity and Convenience

While the All Slot Casino game sounds very simple — that's really the beauty of it. As anyone who plays scratch card games knows, they are all about instant gratification and instant information.

Dragon's Fortune is no exception. You get to see very quickly if you've made a match, and will then get to see what that match brings you in terms of prizes and rewards. There are no strategies or complicated rules to learn with this game — it's just a simple way to have fun and to do so quickly.

Whether you're waiting in a line, passing some time, or just looking for mobile fun, Dragon's Fortune is one of the best ways to do so on your iPhone.

A Fortune of Fun with iPhone Dragon's Fortune

The winning combinations with Dragon's Fortune all promise some great jackpots: If you have matching yellow pearls, you'll have a multiplier value of 2, while you'll get a multiplier of 100 with the purple pearls. The green pearls will offer you a multiplier of 1000, and the orange are the real keepsakes with 20,000 in multiplier values.

All of this adds up to great fun with Dragon's Fortune as you test your luck at finding a fortune!

You just might win your fortune with the iPhone scratch cards that keeps you enjoying the exotic theme and the mystery of Asia.

iPhone Dragon's Fortune is one of the great games in the All Slots iPhone line-up, offering people the chance to go mobile with the games they love on the iPhone which they love.

It's a win-win situation that allows people the same amazing graphics and the same chances to win that they'd find with the online casino games.

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