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Play Bingo Bonanza on Your iPod

Bingo Bonanza on iPod touch
iPod Scratch Cards Game

How to Play Bingo Bonanza on Your iPod

Your Stake, how much you are willing to bet, is selected using the plus and minus buttons on the screen. Betting options range from 0.50 to 10.00 credits in each game of Bingo Bonanza. After you have placed your bet, you hit the Play button, this will enable the computer to spit out six random, flying, bingo balls down the chute.
  • These six balls are your winning bingo balls.
  • The balls range in number from 1 through 20,000.
  • If any two balls have matching numbers, then you have won.
  • The amount you will win, is the number that appears on the matching balls, multiplied by the bet that you had placed. This means that if the amount on the balls is 20,000 and you placed the highest possible bet of 10 credits, you have won a huge 200,000 Jackpot.

Each game of Bingo Bonanza at your iPod Casino, entitles you to only one payout. In the event of two pairs of matching balls, you will automatically win the higher amount. Of course, the bigger your bet, the more you will ultimately win.

The Wonderful Simplicity of Playing Bingo Bonanza

Despite the simplicity of the game, the graphics are clear and vibrant, and the simplicity of the game allows you to focus on your strategy and your winning bet!

iPod Bingo Bonanza allows you to play whenever the mood strikes, whatever the time of day, and wherever you may be. It is no wonder that Bingo Bonanza has become one of the most popular games in the iPod Casino.

The excellent customer service offered at Allslot Casino together with the convenient mobile payment methods, promises a fun gaming experience and the potential of a Bingo Bonanza Jackpot.

Allslot Casino offers some of the best iPod scratch card games for you to enjoy. Bingo Bonanza is similar in concept to the game Dragon's Fortune, all you have to do to win is to match two balls.

Bingo Bonanza is a combination of a Bingo game and a mobile scratch card game. Bingo Bonanza is one of the easiest casino games to learn to play as well as being fun and entertaining at the same time.

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