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The All Slots Website Gets a Brand New Look

All Slots Casino Press Desk
The home page of All Slots Online Casino, found at, has undergone a major redesign that has the critics and the public raving with approval.

The biggest complaint heard about the old website was that it was overloaded with words. The surfeit of text not only made it seem dull and stodgy – a perception totally at odds with the actual excitement within the online casino – but it also made it difficult for the user to actually find what he was looking for.

The new site design clearly took care of that problem. The text is bold and bright; the graphics are bold and bright; the Download and Instant Play buttons are bold and bright. The result is that whatever information the user is looking for will jump right out at him. And that’s what makes for an enjoyable and user-friendly website that leads into an enjoyable and user-friendly online casino.

All Slots is, naturally, quite proud of its new website design, and gives credit to its Marketing team, which figured out what elements would be useful to its users, it Creative team, which translated Marketing’s theoretical elements into an attractive design, and its Technical team, which made the whole thing come to life on the Internet.

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