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Play Blackjack Online

Blackjack is a great game in any casino. The excitement and suspense, the mix of luck and skill, all add up to make it one of the best casino games. But playing blackjack online is even better. Here are a few of the reasons why.

The Great Variety of Online Blackjack Games

A typical land-based casino has one, or maximum two, blackjack games. The rules of the blackjack game are whatever the casino says they are, and if you don't like it, you don't play blackjack.

An online casino, on the other hand, has lots of different blackjack games. At All Slots Online Casino, you can play Classic Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack, and Vegas Strip Blackjack. You can play Double Exposure Blackjack, Bonus Blackjack, Pontoon Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack, or Super Fun 21 and more. You can even play Triple Sevens Blackjack for the big progressive jackpot. And that's not to even mention all the multihand and Gold Series blackjack variations.

In short, there is an immense menu of online blackjack games you can choose from if you choose to play blackjack online. You can pick a favorite online blackjack game and play it regularly, or you can play different blackjack games on different days. Playing blackjack online means you are not limited to the blackjack game and the blackjack rules that the casino has picked for you. You are the boss at the virtual blackjack table.

You Can Play Online Blackjack for Free

The ultimate goal for most blackjack players is to play and win blackjack for real money. Before reaching that point, however, you might want to play some free blackjack games for practice. For one thing, this enables you to check out all the different blackjack variations, to learn the rules and odds of each one, and to see which blackjack games you enjoy the most, without having to risk any money.

Secondly, once you have found the online blackjack game you want to play, playing free games will enable you to practice your blackjack strategy for that particular game. Then, when you start playing online blackjack for real money, you will be in a much better position to win.

In almost any activity, practice makes you better. The same is true for blackjack — the more you practice, the better your chances to win at blackjack when you do start wagering real money. And remember, the online casinos allow you to play practice blackjack games for free, but the land-based casinos do not.

Bring Your Blackjack Basic Strategy Chart with You

The blackjack basic strategy chart is the blackjack player's best friend. Devised by the greatest blackjack minds using the most high-powered computers, it tells you the optimum move to make in any situation of the blackjack game. For the most part, winning blackjack means following the basic blackjack strategy.

If you play blackjack online, you can print out a blackjack basic strategy table and keep it next to your computer and refer to it whenever you need to. In a land-based casino, referring to any type of "crib sheet" is considered a form of cheating and is prohibited. Playing blackjack without a blackjack basic strategy chart is a big disadvantage and will significantly reduce your chances of winning at blackjack. So that's another big advantage of playing blackjack online.

There is Always Room at the Virtual Blackjack Table

In a land-based blackjack casino, there is usually room for five to seven blackjack players at each blackjack table. Sure, the casino might have more than one table, but there is still room for only a limited number of players. If you arrive to a land-based blackjack casino and all the places are taken, there is nothing to do but hang around and wait for someone to leave. That is definitely not fun.

In the online blackjack casino, there is room for an infinite number of players. If a thousand people are playing your favorite blackjack game, you can make it a thousand and one. Because cyberspace is infinite, there is always room for one more at the virtual blackjack table. So whatever online blackjack game you want to play, and whatever time of day or night, you can always jump in and play blackjack immediately. That is a lot more fun than hanging around and waiting.

Play Online Blackjack from the Comfort of Home

The other advantages of playing blackjack online are fairly obvious and, in fact, apply to all the online casino games. That is you can play online blackjack from the comfort of home. You can play any time you want to, day or night. You can wear whatever clothing you want — there is no dress code in the online casino. And there are no travel expenses, hotel expenses, or restaurant expenses when you play blackjack in an online casino. It all adds up to a lot more comfort, a lot more convenience, and a lot more savings when you play blackjack online.

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