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Play Online Slots at the #1 Slots Casino

Online slot machines, known as online fruit machines in the UK and as online pokies in Australia, are the specialty of All Slots Online Casino. All Slots has more than 200 online slot games, each with its own particular rules and features. This page presents a general overview of online slots terminology and rules. This will be enough to get you started playing the online slot machines, but be sure to go over the specific rules of the online slot game that you choose to play.

Click here to read about our most popular online slot games

Symbols, Reels and Paylines

The reels are the main component of any slot machine. A reel is basically a wheel with symbols painted on it. When you click the Spin button, the reels spin around and eventually stop in a particular position.

The symbols on a slot machine can really be anything at all. They are often related to the theme of the slot machine game. Dolphin Tale, for example, has an underwater theme; symbols include dolphins, fish, clams, crabs, shrimp, and octopuses. Common symbols on many slot machines include cherries, playing cards, the number 7, and the bar symbol.

A payline is a line that runs across all the reels. A payline may be horizontal, diagonal, or zigzagged. When you bet on a particular payline, you are said to have “enabled” that payline. You win at slots when the winning symbols appear on a payline that you have enabled. Some modern online slots games employ Ways To Win, allowing a winning payout whenever matching symbols appear on adjacent reels, instead of paylines.

Classic Slots, Video Slots, and Fruit Machines

The two main types of online slot machines are classic slots and video slots. There are also fruit machines, which are a special type of classic slots.

Classic slots, also known as reel slots, are the three-reel slot machines. They have a curved, 3-D appearance on your computer screen, just like the original mechanical slot machines had. They can have 1, 3, or 5 paylines.

Video slots are the five-reel slot machines. They appear flat on your computer screen, much like a flat-screen TV. They all have at least 5 paylines, some have up to 100 paylines, and a few have done away with paylines altogether and offer hundreds of Ways To Win.

Fruit machines, also known as AWP (Amusement with Prizes) machines, are UK-style three-reel slot machines. Fruit machines have special Hold and Nudge features, and often have bonus games within the slot machine game.

Playing Online Slots

Before you start to play an online casino slots game, you must make three decisions: coin size, number of coins per line, and number of paylines enabled. You select the coin size by clicking the Plus or Minus button, select the number of coins per line by clicking the Select Coins button, and select the number of paylines enabled by clicking the Select Lines button.

If, for example, you select a coin size of $0.25 and you select 5 coins, you will be betting $1.25 on each enabled payline. If you select 3 paylines, your total wager will be $3.75 on each spin.

How to Win at Online Slots

You win at online slots when a winning combination of symbols appears on a payline that you have enabled. If you have enabled multiple paylines, it is possible to win on one or more paylines and to lose on other paylines.

Every online slot machine has a payout schedule that tells you which symbols, in which combinations, pay out how many coins. The payout schedule is easily accessible, and you may consult it whenever you want. It is not necessary to memorize the payout schedule, or to do anything to claim your winnings. The machine will do the figuring for you and will automatically add your winnings to your casino account.

Online Progressive Slots

Progressive online slots, like all online slots, have a variety of winning combinations that pay out different sized jackpots. What makes them special is that they also have a progressive jackpot for a specific winning combination. The progressive jackpot has no fixed value — it keeps getting bigger and bigger every time someone plays the game. In some online progressive slots games, like King Cashalot and Major Millions, the progressive jackpot can reach hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars. In other online progressive slot machines, such as Cash Splash or LotsaLoot, the progressive jackpots tend to be more modest but are definitely worth trying for.

Before you play a progressive slot machine game, make sure to read the rules of the particular game carefully. In most cases, you have to bet the maximum amount to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. The rules might vary with each game, so make sure you understand and follow the rules of the particular progressive slot machine that you have chosen.

Scatter Symbols, Wild Symbols, and Multipliers

Scatter symbols appear in video slot machines only. Unlike all the other symbols, scatter symbols do not have to appear on an enabled payline to win. They can be "scattered" anywhere on the five reels.

In Ladies Night, for example, the Waiter is a scatter symbol. If two Waiter symbols appear anywhere on the five reels, you win 2 times the total amount of your bet. If more Waiter symbols appear you win even more, up to 500 times your bet if five Waiter symbols appear.

Wild Symbols appear in both classic slots and video slots. A wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol to complete a winning combination, much like a wild card in a game of poker. In many slots games, the wild symbol also acts as a multiplier. This means that the payout for a winning combination that includes the wild symbol is multiplied by 2, 3, or even more.

In the Lion's Share online slots game, for example, the Lion is a wild symbol and also a multiplier. If one Lion is used as a wild symbol to complete a winning combination, the payout is doubled. If two Lions are used to complete the winning combination, the payout is quadrupled.

Free Spins, Gambles, and other Bonus Features

Many online slots games have a free spins feature. With free spins, you have a chance to win lots of money, but with no risk of losing any. In Flying Circus, for example, three Clown symbols will trigger 25 free spins. If you happen to get three Clowns again on one of your free spins, you get 25 additional free spins. In Flying Circus, payouts on free spins are double the normal payouts. In other slots games, they can be triple or even six times the normal payouts.

Another common bonus feature is the gamble feature. After a winning spin, you can try to double your winnings by guessing the colour of a playing card, or quadruple your winnings by guessing the suit. If you guess wrong, of course, you lose your original winnings. That's why it's called gamble.

There are lots of other bonus features in online slots games. In the Treasure bonus game in Age of Discovery, you can win up to 32,250 coins. In Bars and Stripes, the Hat bonus game allows you to win up to 47,500 coins.

There are lots of other online casino slots games with their own special features. Be sure to check out the games themselves for all the details.

Check Out the Slots Games

This overview of online casino slots should be enough to make you familiar with slots terminology and the common features of online slot machines. For more detailed information about a particular online slots game, please see our online slot game reviews. And don't forget to check out the new slot machines that are introduced in All Slots each and every month.

Free Slots and Real Money Slots

All of the slot machines at All Slots Online Casino (except for the progressive slot machines) can be played as free slot games. That enables you to check out all of the 200-plus online slot games and see which ones you like best or which ones you have the most luck at. And of course, they can all be played as real-money slot games when you want to experience the thrill of betting real money in order to win real money. So play for free or play for real — the choice is yours when you play slots online at All Slots.

Online Slots Tournaments

Unlike regular online slots games, which are a solitary form of gambling entertainment, online slots tournaments are a fun way to test your slots skills and luck against other online slots players. In an online slots tournament, everybody starts with the same number of coins in their Coin Box. Every time you make a wager, coins are deducted from your Coin Box. Every time you have a winning spin, coins are added to your Win Box. The player who finishes with the most coins in her Win Box at the end of the tournament is the online slots tournament champion.

Have fun playing online slots and online slots tournaments at All Slots!

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