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Sneak a Peek: Doctor Doctor Online Slots

Sneak a Peek: Doctor Doctor is a fun, sexy, and entertaining online slots game featuring five gorgeous female Health Care Practitioners, free spins and bonus games, and plenty of hot jackpots.

The Beautiful Women in the Online Slot Machine

The beautiful women who populate the 5-reel 9-payline Doctor Doctor online slot machine are:
  • Nadia, the neurosurgeon, dressed in her green surgical scrubs
  • Michelle, the family doctor, with the stethoscope around her neck
  • Ruby, the head nurse, armed with her medical charts and her pen
  • Nikki, the floor nurse, with the big smile and the intravenous injection
  • Sam, the emergency medical technician, wearing combat fatigues as she races her ambulance to the scene
The women of Doctor Doctor are all lovely to look at, all highly proficient in their health care professions, and all deliver real slots jackpots if three or more of the same symbol appear on a payline.

The Online Slots Scatter Symbol and Wild Symbol

The Patient is a scatter symbol in the Doctor Doctor online slot game. Notwithstanding his serious injuries, you can't help laughing with this patient: swathed head-to-toe in white bandages and falling hopelessly in love with his caregivers.

The pink Doctor Doctor Logo is a wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol to create a winning slots combination. Two or more Doctor Doctor Logo symbols can also create winning combinations by themselves, with five Logos on a payline paying a slots jackpot of 4,000 times your bet.

Free Spins and the Select-a-Smooch Bonus Game

The sexy red lips are the Smooch symbol in Doctor Doctor online slots, and three Smooch symbols on a payline activate the Select-a-Smooch bonus game.

To play the Select-a-Smooch bonus game, you pick one of the three Smooches on the screen. Your chosen Smooch will reveal the number of free spins you get and the multiplier value of your winnings. Then, if you reveal a blue pill or a yellow pill during your free spins, they will award you extra free spins or extra multipliers.

The Sneak-a-Peek Bonus Game

The Sneak-a-Peek bonus game is the most entertaining part of playing Sneak a Peak: Doctor Doctor. The Sneak-a-Peek bonus game is activated when you get a Sneak-a-Peek Zipper symbol on the first reel of the online slot machine, and one of the five gorgeous Health Care Practitioners in the corresponding position on the fifth reel.

In the Sneak-a-Peek bonus game, you will see one of the Doctor Doctor beauties standing next to a scratch card with 15 squares, each square symbolizing an article of the beauty's clothing. You get to pick 12 squares. When you get 3 of the same, the beauty removes the corresponding article of clothing and you win a payout of 15 times your bet.

Get three blouses, and the blouse is gone and you win a 15X multiplier. Get three pants, and the pants disappear and your payout goes up to 30X. It's exciting and enticing, and thank goodness there's a doctor in the house because your blood pressure is sure to skyrocket as the clothing gets scarce.

Play Sneak a Peek Online Slot Games at All Slots

Sneak a Peek: Doctor Doctor is one of a series of Sneak a Peak online slot games at All Slots Casino. They are all smart, fun, and sexy, and they are all strictly for adults only — as are all the games in the online casino. So have fun playing slots online with Sneak a Peek: Doctor Doctor and All Slots Online Casino.

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