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Wild Card Video Poker Games

Wild cards are wonderful things in online video poker. They can turn losing hands into winners and they can turn winning hands into even bigger winners. And All Slots Online Casino offers a wide variety of wild card video poker games for you to choose from and enjoy.

How to Play Video Poker

After you place your bet at the beginning of your online video poker game, you click Deal to receive your initial 5-card poker hand. You hold the cards you like, and trade in the rest to create your final hand, which will be compared to the Pay Table to determine your winnings. As a matter of video poker strategy, you should always hold any wild cards you get, as wild cards can do you nothing but good.

How Do Wild Cards Work?

A wild card can assume the identity of any other card in the deck — any suit and any denomination — to serve you most advantageously in creating the best possible poker hand. For example, in a game of Deuces Wild, if you have a hand of 2-6-7-8-10, the 2 counts as a 9 to create a 6-7-8-9-10 straight. Or if you have four clubs and a 2 of diamonds, the 2 will count as a club to complete the flush.

Or if you have a hand of 7-2-6-6-6, the 2 will become a 6 and transform your three of a kind — a good winning poker hand — into four of a kind: a great winning poker hand. And these are just a few examples of the many wonderful ways that wild cards can turn loser into winners and turn good winners into great winners when you play video poker online.

Wild Card Video Poker Games at All Slots

All Slots Casino offers a variety of video poker games with wild cards.

Joker Poker: Has one wild Joker added to the deck.

Double Joker Poker: Has two wild Jokers added to the deck.

Deuces Wild Poker: All four Deuces (“2” cards) are wild.

Bonus Deuces Wild Poker: All four Deuces are wild. Four deuces wins a bonus payout of 1000 coins on a 5-coin bet, and four deuces with an Ace “kicker” wins a bonus payout of 2000 coins.

Jackpot Deuces: All four Deuces are wild. Jackpot Deuces is progressive video poker game that awards a huge progressive jackpot if you hit a Diamond Royal Flush.

Deuces & Joker Poker: This game has five wild cards: four deuces and a Joker. And a hand with all five wild cards awards a bonus payout of 10,000 coins on a 5-coin bet.

Taking the Good with the Bad

You need at least a pair of Kings to win in Joker Poker, at least two pairs in Double Joker Poker, and at least three of a kind in Deuces Wild, Bonus Deuces Wild, Deuces & Joker, and Jackpot Deuces. So a pair of Jacks, which would count as a winning hand in most video poker games, would not win in these wild card games.

This doesn't mean that these are “bad” video poker games that you should avoid. It just means that you should play them with full awareness of their advantages and disadvantages. Be happy when a wild card turns your pair into three of a kind, be thrilled when a wild card turns your four of a kind into five of a kind, and don’t get upset when your pair of Jacks doesn’t pay off. Taking the good with the bad is part of life and it is part of online casino gambling.

Standard, Level-Up, and Power Pokers

All Slots Casino offers all of the wild card video poker games in Standard mode as regular single-hand games. In addition, it offers many of them in Level-Up Poker mode, which allows you to move up a level for bigger payouts after a winning hand, and in Power Poker mode, which allows you to play four, ten, fifty, or a hundred video poker hands at once.

Enjoy Playing Video Poker with Wild Cards

So pick any of the fine wild card video poker games at All Slots, pick your mode of play, and enjoy playing video poker online with wild cards. They turn losers into winners.

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