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All Slots Casino is the home of Canada’s premium quality slot games. Our impressive online slots feature colourful, eye-catching graphics, unique play mechanics that can vary from slot to slot, and of course, those coveted progressive jackpots. Slot machines come in so many varied themes and features that it is nearly impossible to place them all in a single box. We are always doing our best to bring you only the most engaging and rewarding slots around, and that’s why we feature so many games created by Microgaming.

Microgaming are our chosen software partners and their amazing library is available for play right here at All Slots Casino. We are open all day, every day for slots fans all around Canada and if you are looking for the best collection of online slot machines, then look no further!

Online Slots For Real Money

What makes slot machines so much fun for so many players is that it is easy to learn rules and mechanics. Slots are a breeze to play, and they work equally well on your desktop computer, and on your mobile device with its touch screen.

Online slots offer the ultimate convenience for casino fans and at All Slots they are always available for a few spins in both free play and real money mode. Best of all, since our slot machines are fully digital, they can easily outperform their land based counterparts.

While all our slots do play with real money bets, you can also enjoy them in free play mode. In this mode you can play for free but you can’t win any real money in return. However, it is a great way to learn new games, and will give you the edge!

All The Thrills You Could Wish For

All Slots Casino features hundreds of top class slots for you to enjoy. We feature 5 reel slots, 3 reel slots, fruit machine style slots and everything in between. We also offer you a wide range of betting limits. so our slots welcome low and high rollers. Many games even allow you maximise your winning chances by placing higher wagers on each spin. Best of all, we also regularly update our game selection with the hottest new releases.

Bonus Features And Progressive Jackpots

Another major draw card at All Slots Casino are the incredible additional features packed into many of our slot machines. These bonus features include mini games that break from the standard reel spinning play style. These bonus games can include picking out cash prizes from booby traps, traversing a dangerous landscape hunting for treasure, or even attempting to slay some dragons. One of the most well known features in many of our slots is the progressive jackpot. This is a gigantic cash prize that could be won at random, or could be triggered by landing a matching selection of symbols. A progressive could change your life, and you never know when it will pay out.

Whatever you are looking for in online slot machines, we’ve got it! Sign up at All Slots Canada and enjoy sizzling reel spinning online entertainment 24/7!

Slot games: FAQs

Have a question before you get playing? We have all the answers you need below.

Q: How do you win on slot machines?

A: To win at online slots, you’ll have to achieve a winning combination of symbols on a payline. If you’ve enabled multiple paylines, you could win on more than one – and you can also lose on others.

Every online slot machine has a payout schedule. This tells you which symbols, in which combinations, pay out how many coins. The schedule is easily accessible, and you can consult it however many times you like.

Q: Which slot games have the best odds?

A: Slots which offer a high return to player (RTP) tend to have the best odds. The RTP will give you a good indication on whether the machine pays enough for you to play it.

Q: What is slot RTP?

A: No two slot machines are the same. As well as having different themes and icons, they also have different Return to Player (RTP). RTP describes the percentage of wagered money a slot machine will pay back to players. For example, if you make 50 $1 bets on a machine which has an RTP of 90%, you might expect to get back around $45.

For more information on RTP, you can view this document.

Q: Are there any free slot games?

A: Here at All Slots Casino you’ll never feel pressured into betting your money. As well as having the opportunity to play with real money, all slot games (except the progressive jackpot games, multiplayer games, and live dealer games) can be played for free. However, you won’t win real money when playing a free slot game.  

Q: Can you win money playing online slots?

A: Yes! We have some fantastic slot games which allow you to win money. The games also have bonuses, so there’s even more chance to win. We also have progressive online slots which pay out different sized jackpots.

Q: Where can I play slots for real money?

A: All Slots Casino has over 200 slot games ready and waiting. All our games allow players to play for real money and the chance to play for free – just for fun.

Q: Are online slot machines real?

A: Playing online slots is practically the same as playing slots in a land-based casino, but there are some differences. As well as being able to play from your living room, online slots have an RTP between 95-97% - whereas land-based slot machines have RTPs as low as 75%. But you can win real money and have real fun playing online.

Q: What is a progressive jackpot slot?

A: The progressive jackpot slot is a game which has no fixed value; it keeps increasing every time someone plays the game. The progressive jackpot can reach hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars. Other progressive jackpots can be a bit more modest, but just as fun to play.

Q: How do you win a progressive jackpot?

A: Progressive online slots have a range of winning combinations that can pay out a variety of different sized jackpots.

Q: Does anyone ever win progressive slots?

A: If you get the winning symbols, then you will win! The largest ever payout, as recognized by the Guinness World Records, was €17,879,645 ($20,062,600) in 2015. The chance to win big is there, but you need to bear in mind that big wins are not guaranteed. If you don’t bet responsibly, you could lose a lot more than you stand to win.

Q: Can you tell when a slot machine is about to hit the jackpot?

A: In most cases, online slot machines won’t reveal when a jackpot is about to hit. But there are some games which have a ‘must hit by’. With these machines, you can tell when the jackpot is ready.

Q: Which is the best online slot machine site?

A: Here at All Slots Casino, we specialize in slots and are proud of our vast range of games. As well as the great selection of different games available (and believe us, theirs is something here for everyone!), we also want you to have an amazing experience. Unlike brick-and-mortar casino, there are no time limits on the fun you can have. We won't restrict the deposits you can make, the number of games you can play, or the jackpots you can win.

Q: Is it legal to play slots in Canada?

A: Yes, it is legal to play slot games in Canada. While the country does have rules and regulations regarding gambling, Canadians can rest assured that it’s legal to gamble with a reputable provider such as All Slots Casino. Look to use online casinos, like us, which are licensed by the Malta Gambling Authority.

Whether you’re wanting to play for a bit of fun and not spend a dime, or looking to play for real money, we have a game for you. Don’t forget to take advantage of our bonuses and the free spins feature in games. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

Don’t just listen to us though. Join in the fun by setting up an account with All Slots.