Baccarat Online – A User’s Manual

Of all the exciting casino games available, high rollers have favoured baccarat, known as the exclusive one. In several films, you can see James Bond – secret agent and casino afficionado – playing baccarat, his preferred casino game.

Baccarat is a game anyone can play, it’s accessible and enjoyable, whether at home or in a casino. Players from Canada and around the world are enjoying online casino baccarat at venues such as All Slots Casino along with many others classic casino games and over 200 online slot games, for free or for real money.

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There are hundreds of existing games to enjoy, with new ones added each month to experience along with online baccarat Canada.

Interesting to know: the name “baccarat” rhymes with FAR and not FAT. It’s pronounced as bah-kuh-rah.

Play baccarat Canada style

The baccarat Canada loves is the same as the game enjoyed worldwide: it’s a card game played using one to eight standard decks of 52 cards. Players select which hand will be highest, player or banker, and bet on that. After the bet is placed, player and banker receive two cards each and, if the player’s card is under five, they’ll receive a third card, the maximum number of cards. The banker may require a third card, too. When playing the baccarat online casino game, the dealer will automatically distribute cards as and when needed. The two hands are then shown – and the highest wins.

How to play baccarat

Online casino baccarat is easy to learn and ideal for enjoying at the virtual table where anything could happen.

There are two essential baccarat rules to bear in mind. First, the10s and face cards have a value of zero, 0, nada. That’s important because only the last digit of the total is counted. So, a Jack, 7 and 8 would add up to 15. This would equal 5. Meanwhile, a 2 and an 8 will add up to zero. This is baccarat, the worst hand you can hope not to get! Remember, the highest hand wins.

One hand could win, or it could be a tie – these affect the choices a player has when it comes to placing a bet. A winning bet receives a different payout based on the original bet, so, if the player hand wins, it’s an even-money payout. Should the banker hand win, it’s also an even-money payout, minus the commission paid to the house. A tie results in an 8 to 1 payout, but only if the player bet that the result would be a tie. If not, the player doesn’t win but also doesn’t lose anything.

Baccarat words and terms to know

Every game has its own terms, and there are words worth knowing at a baccarat casino online. They’re not essential to play the game online, especially when you are playing a software simulation, but they can help a lot if you are playing in a live casino environment. Also, it’s kind of cool to have them on the tip of your tongue.

The worst hand in the game comes in with 0 score, or baccarat, as it’s known. The banker may be called “banco” and the bankroll is the amount you can play with.

A banker / player bet is one placed on one of those winning rather than on a tie. And yet another “B” word, burning, refers to discarding three to six cards straight after shuffling, before play.

Some useful C words to know include caller, the person in charge of the cards, carte – used to request a card and coup – a round of baccarat.

Face Cards are, as always Jack, Queen and King. The best hand in online casino baccarat is Le Grande, with nine dealt in a ‘natural’, or two cards that total nine, followed by Le Petite, with eight dealt in a ‘natural’. A 10 or face card is sometimes referred to as a monkey, and a muck is the deck of 52 cards used for play. The card facing up is called the upcard.

Now for the Ps of baccarat: a palette is the long, flat stick used to move cards on the table, and a pass is actually a win, a punto is a player and a push is moving the money to the next round as there hasn’t been a winner or loser.

The bank can be called the shooter and, in a standoff, the player and banker are in a tie.

Fun fact: the dealing box is referred to as the shoe, but it’s not one that’s walking anytime soon.

Welcome bonus

When choosing where to play the best online baccarat Canada has to offer, take a look at your options. For example, All Slots Casino, offers a Welcome Bonus during the first week, matching the first deposit after opening an account by up to $500. Second and third deposits can also get up to $500 for a total potential welcome bonus of $1,500.

Baccarat, it’s a fact – your FAQs answered

Do you have any questions about playing baccarat with All Slots Casino? The info you’re looking for is likely to be included here:

Q: What is the best bet in baccarat?

A: Statistically, the banker is slightly more likely to win than the player, although commission must be paid, so that could be referred to as the best bet. The tie bet is considered to be the worst bet, despite having a good payout, as it’s least likely to win.

Q: Is baccarat a game of skill, or is it all luck?

A: Baccarat is a game of chance rather than strategy, although some like to observe patterns and note winning outcomes. Luck is what brings the excitement to the game.

Q: What’s the best possible hand in baccarat?

A: A nine hand in baccarat is the one to seek – closest to this score is the winning hand.

Q: What is a ‘natural’ in baccarat?

A: A ‘natural’ is when cards that total eight or nine are dealt first time. This hand wins straight away - unless it is a natural eight and the other hand has a natural nine. 

Q: Where can I play baccarat online?

A: Online casino baccarat can be played with many online casinos worldwide. Baccarat Canada fits into this quite neatly. A popular venue such as All Slots Casino is ideal since you can play at home or while on the go. Exclusive potential rewards and loyalty points boost the appeal and enhance the special gaming experience.