A user’s guide to the best online scratch cards

When it comes to fun and easy ways to potentially win real money, online scratch cards are hard to beat. For decades already, these popular games have been providing people with entertainment and chances to win prizes. When the first scratch cards came out in the 1970s – they were called Instant Win for obvious reasons – they took the US by storm. People would flock to the corner score and use a coin to rub away the metallic overlay and see what way lying underneath. If they revealed the right combination of numbers, symbols or letters, they won prizes, sometimes even substantial jackpots. For many winners, the feeling of holding a tactile object and scratching away until the lines of numbers and symbols emerged was almost like stumbling on a cache of buried treasure!

Then came the internet. Suddenly, developers like Microgaming started producing online casino games that were so innovative and entertaining that they made a lot of the old-school products look a little, well, old-school. The best online scratch cards are no exception. Cutting-edge graphics, sounds and animations transform the humble scratch card into a unique genre of entertainment for a new generation of casual gamers to discover. Read on for more information and scratch cards tips.

Scratch cards tips for online play

Any player who’s spent time in our slots casino will know that when it comes to a quality gaming experience, our partner Microgaming is one developer that doesn’t mess around. They’ve been first for online casino games development since 1994 and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down. What this means is that the scratch cards you can play at All Slots are the world’s very best. A lot of them are in what is known as the standard format – you “scratch” the card by selecting symbols that appear in a 3x3 grid on the screen. If three of the symbols match, you receive a payout. Sometimes symbols act as multipliers and you get a payout according to the multiplier you match. When the symbols are thematic, they are linked to multipliers through a pay table. It’s not that different to slots casino games with their reels and paylines. The difference is you get to pick your symbols when you play.

Of course, the digital environment means there’s no limit to the creativity developers can put into their games, as you will discover if you play one of our enhanced format scratch cards. Take Whack-A-Jackpot. Instead of the familiar 3x3 grid, 16 holes appear on the screen – when you click the New Card button to start the game, squeaking moles start popping up randomly in the holes! You have to click on one of the moles for a mallet to whack it on the head so it sees stars. This reveals a multiplier ranging from 1x to 10,000x – or you can get a strike, which allows you to keep on whacking moles until three matching multipliers appear. The animations that go with the game are really entertaining – Whack A Jackpot is definitely a cut above the rest!

Stratospheric entertainment with online scratch cards NZ

To give you a sense of just how entertaining scratch cards can be, try a game like Mumbai Magic. The theme is Indian Bollywood movies. A beautiful actress stands in the centre of the screen with a mysterious crystal ball in her hands. When the game starts, symbols with Bollywood associations flash randomly on the crystal ball. One by one the symbols move to a place in a circle around the actress until she is surrounded by six symbols – actors, dancers, movie reels, clapper boards, musical instruments and award statues, it’s a real extravaganza! If two symbols match, you get a payout, with multipliers ranging from 2x to 10,000x.

A lot of creativity goes into scratch card themes to ensure that all our scratch cards are as much fun to play as possible. There’s Dawn of the Bread, where a monstrous baker has baked nine loaves that reveal bugs and body parts when you click on them. If you’re more into sports than horror, then Slam Funk, Wild Champions and Freezing Fuzzballs, with their hip-hop basketball players, animal athletes and cute creatures will keep you entertained. Even standard format games have some unique variation that’s hard to resist, like Turtley Awesome – the usual 12 squares on the card are replaced by 12 turtles surfing in the sea. When you click on a turtle, it does a back flip so you can see your multiplier. Match three in nine clicks to win. Or if you’re in the mood for celebration, why not try Cashapillar? The symbols of this birthday themed scratch card are some unusual party guests – a caterpillar, snail, ladybug and a mosquito! – as well as the birthday cake. Consult the paytable on the left of the screen to see what payout you will get if you match any three symbols.

All in all, we’re confident of providing you with the best online scratch cards NZ has ever known at All Slots Casino. Of course, we have a tremendous range of other games which you’re welcome to try. From classic card and table games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat to award-winning slots casino games. There’s nothing you won’t find in the way of online casino games at All Slots.

FAQs for online scratch cards NZ

In case you have any lingering questions before trying out the best online scratch cards the world has ever seen right here at All Slots Casino, take a moment to read our Frequently Asked Questions, which should fill you in on everything you need to know.

Q: How do online scratch cards work?

A: Online scratch cards are digital versions of scratch cards or scratch tickets, which are cards that have a metallic layer the player scratches off to reveal symbols underneath. Depending on how the particular scratch card game works, the player can receive a payout by matching symbols. Online scratch cards work in the same way except that the digital format allows for more options and an enhanced gaming experience.

Q: Can I get casino rewards for scratch cards?

A: At All Slots Casino, all first-time players can take advantage of a complimentary welcome bonus when they make their first deposit – we will match your first deposit 100% up to $500, and you can claim the same bonus twice again in your first week, for a maximum total of $1500.

Q: Online scratch cards NZ – how to use them

A: No need to memorise rules or learn a complicated strategy – to play scratch cards online in our scratch casino, simply select a game that appeals to you and then “buy” a card by click plus or minus on the coin selector. Then click “new card” for a scratch card with the All Slots logo to appear. To emulate the experience of scratching the card, you can “rub” the card with your cursor for a slow reveal. If you don’t want to wait, just click “show card” to see the symbols.

On your card you will now see boxes containing symbols like 1X, 2X, 10X or 50X. The numbers refer to the amount you will be paid out if you win by matching the right amount of symbols (typically three): your full bet with watching 1X symbols, double your bet with 2X symbols, ten times your bet with 10X, and so on, to a maximum of a whopping 50X.

Q: Can I win real money by playing scratch cards?

A: At All Slots Casino we have the best online scratch cards with chances to win real money, with a maximum pay-out of 50 times your bet.

Q: Which online scratch cards are the best?

A: There is no strategy to playing scratch cards – the symbols are generated randomly so no one game is better than another in that sense. It all boils down to the kind of entertainment you prefer, and there are so many themes to try that you’re bound to discover a few to entertain you!

Q: Can I play online scratch card games on my phone?

A: A great many online scratch card games are optimised for mobile so you can access great entertainment anywhere and anytime.

Q: How can I win at online scratch card games?

A: It’s as simple as matching three symbols on an online scratch card. The payout is determined by the symbols that you match – three matching 50X symbols mean you win 50 times your original bet!

Q: Is it safe to play online scratch card games?

A: All Slots Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and independently audited for safety and fairness by eCOGRA. Your personal and financial information is safe and secure at all times so you can play the best online scratch cards in total peace of mind.