Best-In-Class Casino Table Games

Cards, dice and roulette – the classic casino table games have a timeless appeal. From the fun of betting against the odds to the timeless moment of suspense before the outcomes are revealed, these games of chance never get old. If you’re looking for blackjack, baccarat, poker, sic bo, craps and roulette, you’ve come to the right place! All Slots New Zealand has all the classics in multiple variants to provide you, the player, with the most rewarding game-play in a convenient format to suit your lifestyle. In our world, the player comes first, so we’re always looking for ways to enrich your gaming experience. To stay up to date with new online casino table games, join All Slots New Zealand!

Cracking casino card games

The possibilities and probabilities contained in a pack of playing cards – the outcomes of casino card games are never certain, which is what makes them so rewarding to play, in every sense of the word. Here at All Slots Casino, players can choose from a stack of different ways to play.

For crisp, smooth game-play in a simulated upmarket casino, the Microgaming Gold series of classic casino games sets the standard for blackjack and online baccarat. If you’re interested in progressive jackpots, some of our table games are part of Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network.

For casino card games with the added dimension of a live dealer dealing real cards at a real table, look no further than Evolution Gaming’s innovative live dealer variations on the timeless theme of casino card games. Use your knowledge to improve your chances of winning at live dealer blackjack and poker, or consult the intriguing traditional Baccarat Roads to see if you can find any patterns in the cards dealt from the shoe. Even if the outcomes are purely down to chance, the sense of participating in a time-honoured tradition is satisfying indeed.

A new spin on roulette

If you’re looking for a game of roulette, you’ll be glad to know that here at All Slots, each of our roulette variants comes with a casino quality roulette wheel. In fact, you could argue that the European, American and other roulette variants served up by Microgaming are better than casino quality – the behaviour of the wheel is true to life but, being digital, it never develops consistency, the bug-bear of land-based casino roulette. As for the roulette wheels in our live casino, they are as real as the nose on your face, and so are the friendly dealers who spin them. The difference is that you can view the action from multiple camera angles, zoom in on the ball and replay the moment of truth, while the intuitive player offers interactive chat and multiple betting options, including your favourite numbers and gaming history.

Sic Bo and online craps

Not to be outdone by the cards and roulette wheel, some of the top casino games are the ones you play with those compelling little cubes we know as dice. Two of the most popular and rewarding dice games are here for you to play at All Slots Casino, and they are sic bo and online craps.

The most famous dice game in the world, craps got a rich history and tradition with all kinds of jargon that you can learn, but it basically boils down to the outcomes of the fall of a pair of dice. Our online craps game makes it easy for the player to get in on the action of this intriguing game where the dice never cease to surprise.

For something a little different, Sic Bo is an ancient Chinese game of chance that’s massively popular in gambling meccas like Macau and has a growing following in casinos around the world. The name means "pair of dice" but don’t be fooled, Sic Bo is played with three dice and a table with various options to wager on the outcomes of the dice roll. Two common bets are the so-called Small and Big gets. If you bet Small, you want the dice to roll 4-10, excluding three of a kind. If you bet Big, then you’re betting that the dice will come up 11-17, again excluding three of a kind. The house edge on these bets is low and they pay out 1:1.

Handy mobile casino table games

The casino table games at All Slots Casino have been carefully selected to maximise the player’s gaming experience in a number of ways. Not only are the games best in class in terms of quality, but they’re also pleasantly handy to play. Microgaming and Evolution Gaming have both gone beyond the call of duty to make things convenient and that includes optimising their games for mobile. If you find that playing on a desktop cramps your style, no worries – you can play online baccarat, for example, on any device that’s connected to the internet. It doesn’t matter what operating system your smartphone or tablet is running because Windows, Android and iOS are all compatible. You can even play across multiple devices in a single session, all from one account. What’s more, you don’t have to download or install anything – you can play our casino table games in your favourite browser. Just navigate to the All Slots home page, register for a player account and take it from there.

Casino table games: FAQs

The best way to increase your knowledge and understanding of new online casino table games is to play them, but we understand that you might have other questions, too. For your information and peace of mind, please consult these Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Is it legal to gamble on online casino table games?

A: Under New Zealand law it’s perfectly legal for gamblers of legal age to place real money wagers on casino table games at All Slots Casino.

Q: Can I play online casino table games for free?

A: Players are welcome to play all our table games in free play mode. It’s a great way to learn the ropes. If you do choose to bet, you can set the betting limits to suit your personal circumstances.

Q: Can I get a bonus to play online casino table games?

A: If you are a first-time player at All Slots Casino, you quality for our Welcome Bonus. We match your initial deposit 100% up to $500 and you can do that two more times in your first week to take the Welcome Bonus total up to $1500. Terms and conditions apply.

Q: Is there a winning strategy for casino card games?

A: Casino card games like blackjack, poker and to a lesser extent online baccarat are not considered to be pure games of chance. Unlike online slots, for example, where the outcomes are totally random, the player’s knowledge can make a difference in the casino card games. Players often consult strategy tables which show the best possible move in a given situation, and online games like Classic Blackjack Gold include strategy tables as a feature. Baccarat has the Baccarat Roads that are intented to help players see patterns in previous hands dealt from the shoe. However, no strategy is ever guaranteed to win at any of our casino card games.

Q: Is there a difference between Sic Bo and online craps?

A: Sic Bo is played with three dice, online craps is played with two. The betting options are also different. Sic Bo is of Chinese origin while craps is European.

Q: What is the difference between online poker and land-based poker?

A: The major difference is that unlike conventional poker, the online poker player doesn’t play against other players - it’s just you versus the dealer. At the same time, there’s no limit to the number of players that can join a live poker table, which makes for an interesting experience!

Q: What is the best online casino in New Zealand?

A: All Slots Casino has everything you need from top-quality games to cutting-edge security and mobile casino convenience.

Q: Are online casino table games rigged?

A: All Slots Casino believes in fair, responsible and transparent gaming. We are accredited by the Malta Gaming Authority and our games all have the eCOGRA Seal of Approval, which means that they have been independently audited to ensure that the outcomes are fair and transparent.

Q: Is it safe to play casino table games online?

A: As a player, your personal and financial information is kept safe at all times thanks to the use of state-of-the-art SSL encryption technology.

Q: What are craps numbers?

A: Craps numbers are 2, 3 or 12 on the initial or “come-out” roll.

Q: What new online casino table games are there?

A: Live dealer games are the latest trend in online casino table games and Evolution Gaming is coming out with new variations all the time.

Q: Can I play online blackjack with a progressive jackpot?

A: Progressive jackpot blackjack is available at All Slots Casino. A progressive jackpot is jackpot that gets bigger every time the game is played and there’s no winner. Eventually somebody wins the progressive jackpot – often a very considerable sum – and the jackpot reverts to its original total. The Microgaming progressive jackpot network is the biggest in the world.