Your guide to scratch cards online

There’s more to scratch cards than the excitement of peeling back layers in real life – All Slots Casino has reproduced this experience online to appeal to players in Canada and around the world. From the comfort of your own home, or on the go, you can enjoy online scratch cards.

The chance to scratch and win at a scratch casino is just part of the rich online casino players can enjoy, from a broad range of online slots to other popular slots casino and classic casino experiences.

Add to this the monthly addition of new games and a generous first-week welcome bonus when you become a member, deposit cash and play, and you have a winning option to choose from in All Slots Casino.

There’s lots to learn about online scratch cards to make the most out of your play experience – here’s the nitty gritty on enjoying them with All Slots Casino, wherever you may be.

Interesting fact: scratch cards share their origins with lotteries, originally used to contribute sums towards building developments, social projects and even the purchase of cannons.

What are scratch cards?

Find the right symbols beneath a scratchable layer on a scratch card and the player can win. Each card and game has its own rules stating how the symbols revealed need to appear and prizes vary according to the individual game. Online scratch cards provide a virtual experience that’s the same, with the same exciting reveal of potential prizes.

A scratch casino is exactly what it sounds like, an environment where players can select scratch cards and enjoy the thrill of the reveal. This simple (but fun) casino game is enjoyed by many for its ease of access – anyone can do it and there are no complex strategies to learn.

How to use online scratch cards

Online scratch card purchase and play is similar to the offline experience of buying a physical card in a store. At All Slots Casino, for example, you place a wager by clicking on the plus or minus button of the coin selector, choose the ‘new card’ option to see a scratch card with the All Slots Casino logo.

Your mouse becomes your scratching tool – slowly revealing the symbols underneath the scratch surface. It’s an authentic way of duplicating the tension of using a coin to scratch at a card. You can also click ‘show card’ on the button to have the results appear instantaneously if you prefer to know if you’re a winner.

When the logo disappears (it’s been scratched), the player will see six boxes, each containing symbols such as ‘1X’, ‘10X’ or ‘50X’ inside them. To win, three of the same symbols must appear on the card, in which case, the screen reveals the winning combination.

The numbers on the card refer to the amount won: three 1X symbols mean that you win your full bet, three 2X symbols mean that you win twice your bet and three 10X symbols mean that you win ten times your bet. The highest-possible win on an All Slots Casino online scratch card is 50 times the bet, and players all hope to see the three 50X symbols appear.

Scratch cards – a world of creative opportunity

When taking a closer look at the world of online scratch cards, it becomes obvious that this is a space offering inspiration to designers and others who thrive on imagination. Just like the players who enjoy the endless possibilities of the reveal, designers have created some amazing examples of scratch card genius.

Some online scratch card concepts are remarkably simple, such as Whack-A-Jackpot. The screen reveals 16 holes. Based on the old internet favourite of whack-a-mole, the game is activated by clicking the New Card button, and moles appear randomly from holes making squeaking sounds. The player must click on one of them. On the screen the chosen mole is hit on the head with a mallet and starts seeing stars. A multiplier is revealed that ranges from 1x to 10,000x. Instead of a multiplier being revealed the player may get a strike. The player keeps on whacking the moles until three matching multipliers or three strikes are revealed.

Mumbai Magic is a scratch card game with Indian movies as a theme. An actress holds a crystal ball.  When activated, the crystal ball randomly generates symbols associated with Indian films. As each symbol is generated it moves to its position in the circle round the central actress. If there are two matching symbols in the six symbols generated the player receives a payout corresponding to the matching symbol. The symbols include actors, dancers, musical instruments, clapper boards, movie reels and award statues. The multipliers range from 2x to 10,000x.

Graphics, sound and more all offer an immersive scratch card experience.

From surfing turtles to zombie scratch card bakers, there’s a world of scratch card invention out there to be explored.

Other scratch card stories: scratch cards, and the excitement they generate, have been used in many mainstream marketing campaigns. The thrill of perhaps revealing a win, or accumulating prizes, has been harnessed by brand marketers as a form of legal chance to encourage consumers to get involved with their brands. In marketing, as in online gaming, the world of possibility is opened up to an audience ready to see where the next scratch takes them.

Scratch cards deliver on expectations: players don’t have to wait to see results, they get them immediately, and this helps to instil confidence in the system.

Welcome bonus

New players at All Slots Casino can enjoy a welcome bonus of up to $1,500 when depositing cash during the first week as members. The first three deposits of up to $500 each that first week are matched by All Slots Casino as a reward to welcome new players. Continued play can result in even more bonuses and other monthly promotions, as well as the opportunity to accumulate loyalty points when joining the Loyalty Program.

Your online scratch card FAQs

The best way to play is full of confidence that all of your questions have been answered; here are some answers to questions often asked before players enjoy online scratch cards:

Q: Can you win real money with online scratch cards?

A: Real money can be won playing online scratch cards at All Slots Casino, with the biggest prize potentially returning 50 times your original bet.

Q: Which is the best scratch card?

A: There are so many options to choose from when it comes to scratch cards, that players may become confused about which one to go for. With All Slots Casino, you get to choose your bet from wherever you choose to play – at home or on the go. The best one is the one that gives you the experience that suits your preferred way of playing, and a wide range of choice is bound to provide the right one for every player.

Q: Are scratch cards rigged?

A: Fair gaming is an essential principle at All Slots Casino, ensuring the security of players and fair access to winning. Winning at scratch cards, like other forms of gaming, is based on chance, and it’s essential that whether players are playing in Canada or another country, fair play is offered. All Slots Casino is registered via the internationally-recognised Malta Gambling Authority. The rules in place for registration ensure player peace of mind.

Q: How do you win with scratch cards?

A: If you match three symbols with an All Slots Casino online scratch card, you’re a winner. The total prize money depends on the card you chose and the symbols you match. For example, three 5X symbols means you win five times your bet. You should only ever gamble what you can afford, that way you ensure the game remains safe, responsible and fun. Ultimately, anyone can be a winner, and that’s part of the enjoyment of online scratch cards.

One major benefit to winning with online scratch cards is that if you do win, there’s no waiting period. With lotteries, you may have to wait for a draw, but not with online scratch cards.