Enjoy Mobile Baccarat at All Slots Casino

Who dares venture outside without their mobile device these days? We have become increasingly reliant on our tablets and smartphones, so All Slots Casino has opened up our online gambling experience for mobile players, too! You take the fun and real money wins with you these days, in the complete safety and security All Slots Casino is proud to provide.

Enjoying a Game on the Go

If you have never played Baccarat, either online or mobile, you will be glad to hear how easy it is. Your goal is simply to predict the result of the round, and guess which outcome will occur - will the Player hand win? The Player is simply the name of this hand, and you are unable to influence any part of the play. Will the Banker hand triumph? Again, this name is just a marker for the hand, and the house cannot do anything with the cards dealt to the Banker hand, or will the 2 hands Tie?

The winning hand will have a total value of 9 points, or nearer to that than the other. Each of the 2 Baccarat hands receives 2 cards each when the game begins, after you have placed your bet. Sometimes a 3rd card is dealt, with this being determined by a relatively complex set of rules that you, thankfully, do not have to know - the software sorts it all out. Bear in mind that only the final digit counts when the total for the hand is being determined: a 6 and an 8 would equal 14, but become 4 in a mobile Baccarat game. The 10, Jack, Queen and King are worth 0 points, the Ace is worth 1, and the remaining number cards are taken at face-value.

Mobile Baccarat Wins and Payouts

If you correctly wagered that the Player’s hand would win, your payout would be calculated at 1:1 odds on your bet. If you were right about the Banker beating the Player, your payout will once again be 1:1 on your bet, but a 5% commission for the house will be removed. This rule is in place because, statistically, the Banker hand tends to come out on top more frequently than the Player hand does.

If you bet on a Tie the hands end up equal, your payout skyrockets up to odds of 8:1. If a Tie occurs and you bet on either the Player or Banker to win, you will get your stake back without losing any of it.

Mobile Baccarat versus Online Games

The only real difference between enjoying mobile Baccarat at All Slots Casino rather than the online version is that the game becomes portable, and you can take it with you wherever you go.

Play All Slots Casino Mobile Baccarat

Baccarat, whether mobile or online, is an easy game to learn and great one that is great fun to play, and we make sure it is available 24/7 here at All Slots Casino. Collect your Welcome Bonus when you sign up today and begin betting with world-class table games!