The Baccarat Online Casino Experience

For the longest time baccarat was viewed as an inaccessible casino game and one only enjoyed by high rollers and a certain class of player. The All Slots baccarat online casino experience dispels all myths surrounding this casino game and thus opens it up to anyone willing to try.  

Here at All Slots Casino we’re about giving our players every possible gaming avenue to explore. In addition to our baccarat online casino games, we offer hundreds of online slots, a myriad of blackjack and roulette titles, scratch card games, live dealer games and everything in-between.  Plus, all new players can enjoy some good old All Slots generosity by way of our $1500 welcome deposit bonus.

What is online casino baccarat?

The perceived complexities of baccarat can be summed up by two essential rules, but before we deal with those, let us quickly explain the basics. The game of online casino baccarat plays out from 1 to 8 decks of 52 cards and you’ll need to decide who will have the higher hand when it’s all said and done – the banker or the player. In other words, your betting decision is whether the banker or the player is going to have the winning hand. Once you’ve placed your bet, both the banker and the player will receive 2 cards. Should the value of the player’s card equate to less than 5, then a third card will be dealt their way – it should be noted that 3 cards is the maximum amount that all involved parties can receive.  The dealer might also require a third card. After all this has been resolved, both hands are revealed and you, the player, will see who has the highest hand. That’s the essence of baccarat, the classy, sophisticated casino game celebrated from Vegas to Macau! 

At All Slots we have two main kinds of baccarat for you to play. There’s online casino baccarat as powered by Microgaming, which is an automated game which makes you both an observer and player at the same time. Then there’s our live dealer baccarat, developed by Evolution Gaming, where you play with a live dealer who deals out real cards. You can even perform the Baccarat Squeeze (read on for an explanation of this casino ritual). The two most essential rules of the game can be summed up as follows:

1. All 10s and face cards are equal to 0.

2. The last digit of the total is considered the final score. To illustrate, a King, eight and six equals 14, hence the final score is 4.  To further reiterate the point, a seven and a three will equal 10 while the final score will be 0 – the worst hand to have!

Playing the baccarat casino game

Simmering with tension, but actually very easy to play, the baccarat casino game is sure to keep your attention once you delve into its playful intricacies. Your choices comes down to betting on one winning hand or whether the outcome is going to be a tie. Payouts in this game are structured in the following manner:

  • If the Player hand wins, you receive an even money payout.
  • If the Banker hand wins, you receive an even money payout with a deduction for the house.
  • If it’s a Tie, you receive an 8 to 1 payout.

It needs to be noted that should the outcome be a tie and you didn’t bet on it being a tie, you won’t win or incur a loss.

Online Casino Baccarat Lingo

Before you commence with playing, you might want to familiarise yourself with the various terms and phrases that form part of the online casino baccarat lingo. It’s absolutely not necessary to know the terminology to play the game, but it will go a long way to making you feel more confident among other players, such as in a live dealer baccarat environment.

Baccarat: It’s not just the name of the game, it’s also a possible hand you could wind up getting, and the worst one too – it’s zero!

Baccarat Squeeze: The Baccarat Squeeze is a casino ritual in which the players can reveal their own cards. Impossible to replicate, you might think, but in live dealer baccarat, anything is possible! What happens is that four cards are dealt face down and shown on the screen with  their values hidden. The player clicks or taps to turn the card over within an allotted time. The odds are the same, it’s just a fun variant and part of the time-honoured baccarat tradtion.

Banco: Meaning Banker. Casino games like baccarat rely on may traditional terms and phrases.

Banker/Player Bet: This is your decision to either bet on the Banker or the Player, not both.

Bankroll: This how much money you’ve got at your disposal.

Burning: Electing to discard of between 3 to 6 cards after the shuffle, but before the play.

Caller: The individual who oversees all the card activity.

Carte: A phrase used to request another card.

Coup: This refers to a round of baccarat.

Face Cards:  Jacks, Queens and Kings.

Le Grande: The best possible outcome/hand – 9 in a ‘natural’.

Le Petite: Eight in a ‘natural’.

Mini Baccarat: A faster version of the game, in mini baccarat, all the cards are dealt face up. This is the most common version found online, although the traditional format has made a reappearance in live dealer casinos!

Monkey: This slang phrase refers to a ten or a face card.

Muck: The eight decks of 52 cards used in game of online casino baccarat.

Palette: The long traditional wooden stick used to move cards around in the game of baccarat.

Pass: Different from a pass in poker, this pass is actually a win.

Push: The money up for grabs gets pushed on to the next round – an occurrence when there is no winner or loser.

Shoe: The shoe is the box that contains all the decks of cards that are used in the baccarat game. It’s not specific to baccarat, the shoe is generally where the cards used in table games reside! In baccarat, the shoe will contain up to six or eight decks. When you play online baccarat, you will see the shoe represented on the table.

Shooter: Another name for the bank.

Standoff: When the Player and Banker reach a tie.

Upcard: As is indicative in the name, this a card facing up.

The All Slots Welcome Deposit Bonus

Generosity is a big deal here at All Slots Casino, in fact, it’s one of the cornerstones of our business! If you’ve come for the baccarat casino game experience, you’ll be pleased to know that you can play with a little more in your bank balance thanks to our welcome deposit bonus of $1500. You’ll have a whole week in which to enjoy this offer and up to three times to deposit.

Baccarat Casino Online FAQs

Welcome to our baccarat casino online FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section where we’ll address all the major questions regarding this fantastic game of chance.

Q: Is there a best bet in baccarat?

A: It is a commonly held notion that the Banker is the best bet in this online casino game. Statistically more likely to win and with a lower house edge, the Banker bet is deemed superior, even though it comes with paying a commission.

Q: Is baccarat all strategy or all luck?

A: Some believe that you can look for patterns or jot down outcomes and create a strategy from  previous outcomes, but this is very unlikely. The truth of the matter is that there is little to no strategy in a baccarat casino game. This is an online casino game built around the concept of randomness and the fun that comes with trying to guess random outcomes.

Q: Does baccarat have a best hand?

A: The best possible hand in online casino baccarat is 9 and this because the closest hand to this number wins.

Q: What is a baccarat natural?

A; A natural occurs when a hand that equates 8 or 9 is dealt out first time.

Q: Where is it recommended that I play baccarat online?

A: There are many online casinos that offer the game of baccarat online, but at All Slots Casino you’ll get to play the best versions of this game thanks to our partnership with Microgaming. In addition to providing superior versions of this game, we offer our players loads of amenities to make the gaming experience all the better.