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How to Play Online Video Poker

All Slots Online Casino has more than 50 online video poker games. Before getting into the specifics of the games and the differences between them, let us examine what all video poker games have in common.

Online Video Poker Basics

To play video poker, you first place your bet by selecting a coin size and the number of coins. Then click the Deal button. You will receive five cards.

After examining your cards, you must decide which ones you want to hold and which ones you want to trade in for different cards. You do this by clicking on the cards you want to hold. You may hold as many cards as you want to: from no cards at all up to all five of your cards. 

Then click the Draw button. The cards that you did not hold will be replaced by new cards to create your final video poker hand. Your final hand is then compared to the payout table to determine if you are a video poker winner and, if so, how much you won.

Online Video Poker Strategy

The decision of which cards to hold and which to discard is where video poker strategy and thought comes into play. Suppose you have a 3 of spades, 6 of spades, 9 of spades, Ace of spades, and Ace of hearts. Do you keep the pair of aces and discard the rest? Or do you keep the four spades in hope of drawing a fifth spade for a flush? A difficult decision indeed, but that's what makes online video poker interesting. And one of the advantages of playing video poker online is that you can take a couple of minutes to think about the odds, the probabilities, and the potential payouts, instead of feeling rushed into making a snap decision.

Wild Cards in Video Poker

Some online video poker games have the added attraction of a wild card. A video poker wild card can stand in for any other card to complete a winning poker hand. In Deuces Wild, for example, the 2's are wild. A hand of 2-4-5-6-8 would be a loser in most poker games, but in Deuces Wild the 2 can act as a 7 to complete the 4-5-6-7-8 straight. With a wild card, you can even achieve a hand of five of a kind, a feat that would otherwise be impossible. This is another advantage of online video poker.

Winning at Video Poker

Each online video poker game has its own rule concerning the minimum hand needed to win. In Tens Or Better, you need at least a pair of 10's; in Jacks Or Better, at least a pair of Jacks; in Joker Poker, at least a pair of Kings. In Deuces Wild, you need at least three of a kind.

The Online Video Poker Payout Schedules

All of the online video poker games award higher payouts for the higher poker hands. The top hand is a royal flush. In Joker Poker, it pays out 5,000 coins on a 5-coin bet. 

After the royal flush come the straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three of a kind, two pairs, and a pair. 

Although the order of the poker hand rankings is the same in most video poker games, the amount of the payouts varies widely from game to game. A flush, for example, pays out 2-to-1 in Deuces Wild, 3-to-1 in Deuces and Joker, 4-to-1 in Double Joker, 5-to-1 in Aces and Faces, 6-to-1 in Jacks or Better, 7-to-1 in Double Bonus Poker, and 8-to-1 in All American Poker. And that is just one example.

Double or Nothing

If you win a hand of video poker, you have a choice of Collect or Double. Collect, of course, means to collect your winnings according to the payout schedule. Double means you have a chance to double your winnings by picking a high card. 

If you choose Double, you will see an array of five cards. The dealer's card is face up; the other four are face down. You must select one of the face-down cards by clicking on it. If your card is higher than the dealer's, you have just doubled your winnings. If your card is lower, you forfeit your video poker winnings and get nothing. Double or Nothing is online casino gambling in its purest form.

Progressive Video Poker

Jackpot Deuces and SupaJax are online progressive video poker games. That means they offer a jackpot that is constantly increasing, without limit, until someone wins it. Then the jackpot amount is reset and starts increasing once again. 

In both games, you must wager five 1-credit coins to be eligible for the jackpot. In Jackpot Deuces, you need a Diamond Royal Flush to win. In SupaJax, you need four Jacks plus the wild SupaJax card. In either case, if you are lucky enough to win the progressive jackpot, you are in for a lot of money. This is yet another advantage of online video poker.

Choosing an Online Video Poker Game

As you browse through the selection of Video Poker games in the online casino, pay attention to the payout table, the minimum hand needed to win, and whether or not the game has a wild card. You will see that every game has advantages and disadvantages in these areas.

Double Joker has two wild cards, which is a big plus, but you need at least two pairs to win, which is not so great. And so on: every video poker game that has an advantage in one area will have a disadvantage in another area. In fact, that is true of all online casino games.

So look at all the video poker games, pay attention to their features, think about which ones are most important to you, and make your selection. Or, better yet, play different online video poker games on different days, and take advantage of the best features of each.

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