A Guide to Online Scratch Cards

Finally there’s a more convenient way to play scratch cards and dare we say, an environmentally more aware way too! Online scratch cards are exactly like their paper counterparts in that they offer short bursts of fun with the possibility of yielding real cash rewards. With All Slots Casino your online scratch card experience is literally a tap and a swipe away thanks to our mobile casino software designed for both iOS and Android.  Along with a whole bunch of innovatively themed scratch cards, you’ll also be able to play everything else on offer here at All Slots Casino.  Enjoy online slots, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker and live dealer games, all in one singular online location.

At All Slots Casino we’re not just about the games, we’re also about the player amenities and loyalty programmes. This means that when you sign, you can receive a bonus to the value of $1500 – all you have to do is deposit. Patronising our establishment will lead to additional benefits such as weekly and monthly offers.  It is our hope that this online scratch card guide will prepare you for the fun that lies ahead.

What are online casino scratch cards?

For a game totally devoid of strategy and only intent of giving the player simple fun, look no further than online casino scratch cards. Each game comes with its own theme and its own set of rules insofar as the matching patterns are concerned, but in terms of functionality they are all the same, except you’re not scraping anything physical. Instead you’re using your mouse, which emulates the experience to a tee, or you’re using the tip of your finger should you be playing on your smartphone or tablet.  With online casino scratch cards you get to playfully forgo any rules or strategies and to focus purely on the fun.

How to use a scratch casino card

Here at All Slots Casino we’ve done everything we can to make your scratch casino card experience as close to the real thing as possible – right down to setting foot inside your local corner café’ or gas station shop. Authenticity is key to giving our players a satisfying scratch casino game to play. Of course we’ve upped the convenience factor by tenfold. In order to purchase a card, log into your All Slots Casino account, make a deposit and go into games lobby and find the scratch card section. See what appeals to you and make your selection.

It is then a case of clicking on the plus or minus button of the coin selector and clicking on the ‘new card’ button. Your scratch card will then appear on the screen embroidered in the All Slots Casino logo. You may then proceed to scratch away the surface to reveal your hidden matching symbols. You can opt to go old school and use your mouse or finger – device dependent – to unveil the symbols, or you can just click on the ‘show card’ button to instantly reveal the symbols.

The symbols that will appear before you will contain the following denominations: 1x, 10x and 50x. In order to profit from this game, you will need to match three of the same symbols.  These multipliers in conjunction with the amount of cash you bet will determine the amount owed to you should luck be on your side.

Welcome Bonus Scratch Cards!

At All Slots Casino we believe in rewarding loyalty and we believe in making everyone feel as welcomed as possible. For this reason and in the name of fun and generosity, we offer all new players a welcome deposit bonus to the value of $1500. This offer is valid for a week and is segmented into three smaller offers of $500 each. This means you’ve got more time to use it!

Tips for playing online scratch cards

Let’s be frank and admit that as much fun as scratch cards are to play, we do like to win on occasion as well. Can a player adopt a strategy to improve their winning chances? The answer – as with all other chance-based online casino games – is a resounding NO, you cannot develop a strategy to improve your winning chances at scratch cards. Let’s get that straight! There is no magical formula, it’s a game of chance pure and simple with outcomes determined by random number generators. The good thing is that this results in transparency and fairness – everybody has the same chance of winning a randomly determined game! In fact, regulators like eCOGRA do audits to ensure that casinos like ourselves abide by this principle. That being said, it is possible to adopt some common-sense practices that can help to improve your gaming experience and avoid making bad choices. 

Be aware of the stakes of a particular game. Some games pay out very big for a win but they demand high stakes, which would be foolish for someone with a limited budget. Always bet within your limits – decide beforehand how much you are willing to spend on playing and don’t exceed that limit.  One way to gauge this is to use your Welcome Bonus so you can get a realistic sense of what the games cost without spending too much of your own money. 

Once you’ve worked out your personal system, then you can focus on having fun. That’s where online scratch cards really come into their own. With designers like our long-standing partners Microgaming constantly upping the ante of creativity, it’s frankly amazing how far the humble scratch card concept has transcended its limits.  Don’t worry if you want the traditional approach, there are plenty of online scratch cards that adhere to the formula of a 3x3 grid where you have to match 3 symbols for a prize. Lively animations and sound effects contribute to the enjoyment of a game like Turtley Awesome, where the grid is a sea of floating turtles who perform antics when you click on them. Then there’s the next level, like Whack A Jackpot, where squealing moles pop up randomly in the squares of the grid and you have to click or tap on them. When you do that, whack! A mallet bops the mole on the head to reveal a multiplier which you then try to match as you keep on whacking! Another creative and completely different spin is the one found in Mumbai Magic, an all-singing, all-dancing online scratch card game that transforms the grid into a live entertainment extravaganza based on the popular movies of the Indian film industry often referred to as Bollywood. 

The only place where scratch cards haven’t ventured yet is the live casino, but we wouldn’t put it past our developers to achieve the impossible once again and devise a live variation of online scratch cards.

Scratch cards online – your FAQs

Now that you know a few things about how to play scratch cards online, we’re sure you’re looking forward to playing these games yourself. However, should you still have some questions, then please feel free to peruse our FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for clarity and peace of mind.

Q: Can I win real money playing online scratch cards?

A: If you choose to play for real money, you can win real money. The biggest cash prize you can win is one 50x your initial bet. As mentioned previously, though, be sure to play responsibly, within your own limits.

Q: How do I win when I play scratch cards?

A: This is by far one of the simplest online casino games to play and enjoy, and winning can be just as simple. All you need to do is reveal the symbols hiding under the All Slots logo – that’s it! If you have 3 of the same scratch card, you win!

Q: Is All Slots Casino a safe casino?

A: All Slots Casino is a fully licensed and regulated casino whose key aims are to provide games of chance in a safe environment. We are the proud recipients of the eCOGRA Seal of Approval and our commitment to responsible gaming means that player safety and peace of mind is a top priority for us.