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Thunderstruck II Pokies

Welcome to the mythological world of the Norse gods and goddesses! Welcome to one of the most incredible games in the online casino! Welcome to Thunderstruck II pokies!

The Thunderstruck II Online Pokie Machine

When you first open the Thunderstruck II online pokies machine, you will be treated to an incredible introductory video that introduces you to four of the great heroes of Norse mythology: enchanting Valkyrie, mischievous Loki, wise old Odin, and the mighty thunder god Thor. Just watching the movie is enough to let you know that you are in for an exceptional online pokies experience. Then, when you start to actually play the pokies game, you'll see just how right you are.

Over 200 Ways to Win at Pokies

Most online pokie machines are based on paylines, which means that the winning pokies symbols must be lined up exactly so in order to award a payout. Not so in Thunderstruck 2 pokies. Thunderstruck 2 has abolished paylines completely. So if you get, for example, Thor anywhere on reel 1, another Thor anywhere on reel 2, and a third Thor anywhere on reel 3, you win a jackpot. And if you get additional Thor symbols anywhere on reels 4 and 5, you win an even bigger pokies jackpot.

When you look at all the possible winning combinations, it adds up to 243 ways to win at Thunderstruck II pokies.

Special Features of Thunderstruck 2 Pokies

Thunderstruck II pokies is loaded with all kinds of special features. There are, of course, a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. There is also the Wild Storm feature, which randomly creates addition wild symbols to make it even easier to win at pokies.

There is also the Great Hall of Spins. Each of our Norse heroes has his own special chamber within the Great Hall, and each chamber has its own special bonus feature that gets bigger and better as you advance through the Great Hall.

Play Thunderstruck II Pokies at All Slots

The original Thunderstruck was one of the most popular pokies games in All Slots Casino, but Thunderstruck II is even better, with better graphics, better payouts, and better features. Play Thunderstruck 2 pokies online at All Slots, and experience one of the most amazing online pokie games ever created.

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