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Aussie Online Video Poker

Start with the best aspects of an online slot machine, add a smattering of the excitement of a 5-card poker game, mix them together, and what have you got? Online video poker — the online poker game that plays like a slot machine.

How to Play Video Poker

At the start of the online video poker game, you place your bet and you are dealt five cards. You may hold the ones you like, and trade in the others for new — and hopefully better — cards. Sometimes the choice of what to hold and what to trade is quite obvious, but at other times it will take some serious thinking about your video poker strategy.

Suppose you have a hand of 8-9-10-Jack-Jack. Do you hold the four cards for a potential straight? Or do you hold the pair of Jacks? It's dilemmas like these that make video poker online so interesting, so thought-provoking, so exciting.

Play Video Poker Online at All Slots

All Slots Online Casino has a wide assortment of online video poker games. The general principle of every video poker game is just as we described it above, but each game has its own individual video poker rules and payouts and strategies. So come on into All Slots Casino, try out the video poker games just for fun, and then, when you have found the one you like the best, get into the excitement of playing video poker for real money.

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