Level-Up Video Poker Games

Level-Up Video Poker is a type of online video poker game in which you can play up to four consecutive hands of video poker for progressively higher payouts. Every time you win a hand, you “level up” to the next hand and the next higher level of video poker payouts. Playing Level-Up Video Poker is like entering a whole new dimension of video poker excitement and suspense.

Placing Your Level-Up Video Poker Bet

You start your online Level-Up Video Poker game by choosing your coin size and the number of coins. But remember that you are betting on four hands at once. So if you choose a coin size of 0.25 credits, and you pick 5 coins, it means you are betting 1.25 credits on each of the four hands, for a total bet of 5 credits.

Playing Your Level-Up Video Poker Hand

Once you have placed your bet and are ready to play Level-Up Video Poker for real, you click the Deal button. Four 5-card hands of cards will appear on your screen, but only the cards in Hand Number 1 are visible. The cards in the other three hands are turned face down.

You play your Level-Up Video Poker hand just as you would play any standard video poker game. First, you click on the cards you want to hold, which places a “Held” banner on them. Then you click the Draw button to trade in your other cards for new cards.

Finally, you examine your final hand and compare it to the Payout Table to see if, and how much, you won. For example, if you are playing Jacks or Better Level-Up Poker, and you get a full house in Hand Number 1, you just look at the Payout Table to see that a full house pays 45 coins, so you win 45 coins.

Moving On Up in Level-Up Video Poker

If you win Hand Number 1, the cards in Hand Number 2 will turn face up and you play that hand in the normal fashion: you click on the cards you want to hold, you click Draw, and you examine your final hand. But this time, if you win, your payout is double whatever the Payout Table says. So if you get a flush, and the payout table says a flush pays 30, you actually win 60 coins.

Then you move up to the next Level and play Hand Number 3, in which all payouts are quadrupled. Finally, if you win Hand Number 3, you “level up” to Hand Number 4, where all payouts are multiplied by 8.

In short, each time you win a hand in a Level-Up Video Poker game, you move up a Level to play the next hand, where the payouts are increased by a higher multiplier value. If you lose a hand, the game is over, you keep whatever payouts you have won up to that point, and you can start a new game at Level 1.

Varieties of Level-Up Video Poker Games

All Slots Casino offers five varieties of online Level-Up Video Poker games: Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, and Double Joker Poker. They all follow the general Level-Up Video Poker format described on this page, with four consecutive levels and increasing payout multipliers on each level. But each video poker game has its own particular video poker rules concerning wild cards, minimum winning hands, payout schedules, and the like. So it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules of each online Level-Up Video Poker game, play a few practice games of free video poker, and see which game you like the best.

Level-Up Video Poker Strategy

The goal in all online video poker games is, of course, to win a big payout. But in Level-Up Video Poker, you have the additional goal of moving up to the next level. Bearing this goal in mind leads many Level-Up Video Poker players to alter their regular video poker strategy and to play a little more conservatively.

For example, if you are playing standard Jacks Or Better video poker and you are holding a 3 of diamonds, 7 of diamonds, 9 of diamonds, King of diamonds, and King of hearts, you might want to trade in the King of hearts in hopes of drawing another diamond for the flush. But if you are playing Level-Up Jacks Or Better video poker, you would be more inclined to hold the pair of Kings: it’s not as good as a flush, but it’s a definite win that will move you up to the next level where payouts are multiplied by 2X, 4X, or 8X. Drawing for the flush and losing would set you back down to Level 1.

Of course, this is merely a suggestion that you are free to follow or not follow. When you are playing video poker online for real money, it is your money at stake so you get to make the decisions. So feel free to go ahead and gamble for the flush if that’s what you want to do.

Play Level-Up Video Poker Online

Level-Up Video Poker adds a whole new level of excitement and suspense to your online video poker experience. Instead of seeing each video poker hand as an isolated entity that you might win or lose, Level-Up Video Poker enables you to see each hand as an integral part of a larger whole with an over-arching strategy of leveling up for higher and higher payouts.

So join All Slots Online Casino, play Level-Up Video Poker online, and see for yourself what online gambling excitement is all about.

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