Power Video Poker Games

Playing online video poker is always an exciting experience. And now you can have 4 times, 10 times, 50 times, or even 100 times the excitement when you play Power Video Poker games at All Slots Casino. It’s like playing four, ten, fifty, or a hundred online video poker games at once.

How to Play Power Video Poker

Although the specific video poker rules may vary from video poker game to video poker game, the basic concepts of playing Power Video Poker remain the same. We will use a game of 100-play Aces & Faces video poker as an example and a guide to playing Power Video Poker.

First, You Play the Decision Hand

You start your Power Video Poker game by selecting your coin size and placing your bet. Remember, when you play video poker online, you must bet at least one coin on each hand. So if you are playing 4-play power poker you must bet at least 4 coins; in 10-play Power Poker at least 10 coins, and so on. In our example of 100-play Aces & Faces, we chose a coin size of 0.02 and bet 500 coins — five coins on each hand — for a total bet of 10.00 credits.

After you have placed your bet, you click the Deal button and one 5-card video poker hand is dealt to the bottom of your screen. This is the Decision Hand. There is no bet on the Decision Hand, but it is crucial to your Power Video Poker game. You click on the cards you want to keep in the Decision Hand, and you will see a “Held” sign appear on them. The held cards will form the basis of all your Power Video Poker hands.

Deciding which cards to hold is the important issue of video poker strategy. In our example, we held the Queen of Clubs and the Queen of Spades.

And Then the Power Poker Hands

After you have played the Decision Hand by clicking on the card or cards you want to hold, you click the Draw button. All 100 online video poker hands will now be dealt out. Each hand will receive the cards you held in the Decision Hand, plus enough other randomly dealt cards to make a five-card hand.

Each hand is dealt from a separate deck of cards, so we are actually playing with 101 decks in all, including the Decision Hand deck. The Power Poker hands are dealt out one at a time, so the suspense can build as you watch the hands take shape.

Winning at Power Video Poker

You will recall that our 100 Power Poker hands all started out with the two queens that we had held on the Decision Hand. Then we drew three more cards to each hand. Here’s how the hands came out after the Draw:

  • 1 hand receive two more queens to make a hand of Four Queens, paying 200 coins.
  • 2 hands received a third queen plus another pair for a Full House, paying 40 coins for each hand.
  • 11 hands received a third queen for a Three of a Kind, paying 15 coins for each hand.
  • 20 hands received another pair for a hand of Two Pairs, paying 10 coins for each hand.
  • The other 66 hands received no benefit from the Draw but were still winners with the Pair of Queens, paying 5 coins for each hand.

So, when you add it all up, we won 975 coins in our online 100-Play Aces & Faces Power Video Poker game. It was an exciting experience and not a bad payout either. When you play a hundred video poker hands at once, the winning video poker payouts can really add up.

A Variety of Online Power Video Poker Games

All Slots Casino offers a wide variety of online Power Video Poker games, including Aces & Faces, All Aces, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, and Jacks or Better. And the games come in 4-play, 10-play, 50-play, and 100-play variations. So you’ll find plenty of Power Poker variety in the online casino.

Play Power Video Poker Online

There is a lot of excitement in playing four, ten, fifty, or even a hundred online video poker games all at once. And the wide variety of Power Video Poker games available — each with its own video poker rules, its own payout table, and its own video poker strategy — means there is bound to be an online Power Video Poker game for everybody. So play some Power Video Poker games online at All Slots Casino and enjoy up to 100 times the video poker fun and 100 times the video poker excitement.

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