Alley Cats Online Slots

If you love cats or bowling, you will like the Alley Cats online slot machine. If you love cats AND bowling, you will love Alley Cats. And if you love cats WHO LOVE bowling, Alley Cats will put you into absolute slot machine heaven.

Playing Online Slots with Cats who Bowl

Take a bunch of regular old alley cats and transport them to a real alley — a bowling alley. This is the premise behind the Alley Cats online slot machine game. Starting with this whimsical premise, the designers of Alley Cats let their imaginations go wild and created some terrific graphics to make a really fun online slot game.

The main characters of Alley Cats online slots are the Cats Who Bowl. There is a white cat, a yellow cat, a gray cat, a brown cat, and a black cat. They all love to bowl. Joining them is the nemesis of all cats: the dog. As is usually the case (as cat lovers know), the cats have gotten the better of the poor dog and tied him up in a rope. Since our alley cats are such good bowlers, they have a Strike symbol and a Championship trophy. They also have all the good things that alley cats everywhere love: a full trash can, a jar of catnip, and a barbecue feast of fish and chicken.

A Strike Will Win in Bowling and in Online Slots

In bowling, a strike is when you knock down all the pins with one ball. A strike is the best a person can do in bowling. A strike is also a great way to win at Alley Cats online slots.

The Strike symbol in Alley Cats is, first of all, a scatter symbol. That means it does not need to appear on an enabled payline. As long as three or more Strikes appear on adjacent reels, and at least one of them is on the first reel, you are a winner in Alley Cats.

But that’s not all. The Strike symbols also randomly activate either the Free Spin bonus game or the Mystery Prize bonus game. Everyone knows what Free Spins are: they are a chance to win real money at slots without the risk of losing any money. The Mystery Prize is — well, we’re not going to tell. If we did, it wouldn’t be a mystery. When you play the Alley Cats slot machine online, you will find out. We promise only that the Mystery Prize is something you will like.

Playing Alley Cats Slots Online

Alley Cats is a 5-reel, 9-payline, and 180-coin slot machine. To play Alley Cats online casino slots, you first select your coin size (from 0.01 to 0.25 credits), select how many paylines you want to enable (up to 9), and select how many coins to wager on each payline (up to 20). Then you click the Spin button and hope that when the reels stop spinning, you have a winning slots combination. When you do win, you don’t have to figure anything. The computer will tell you that you won and will add the amount of your winnings to your online casino account automatically.

Enjoy Your Online Slots Game

The idea of putting the alley cats into the bowling alley is perhaps silly, but it is a fun kind of silly. Just let yourself get into it, and you will have a great time playing slots online with the cats who bowl. Give Alley Cats online slots a try!

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