Arctic Fortune Online Slots

The Vikings were the noble warriors of the frozen Northland. Clad in thick furs, equipped with powerful broadaxes, they set forth in their longships to seek fortune and wreak havoc throughout the Arctic regions. Now you can join a Viking expedition — without leaving your nice warm home — by playing Arctic Fortune online slots.

The Arctic Fortune Online Slot Machine

The stars of the Arctic Fortune online slot machine are the three Viking warriors: two men and one woman. (Yes, there were female Vikings, and yes, they were ferocious warriors.) Joining them as winning slot machine symbols are the Viking longship, the treasure chest, the horn of plenty, and the white Arctic wolf.

All of the Arctic Fortune slot machine symbols add to the feeling of a real Viking adventure and, even more importantly, they can all create ways to win real money playing slots online.

A Thousand Ways to Win at Slots

Instead of confining you to paylines, as most online slot games do, Arctic Fortune does away with paylines entirely and offers you 1,024 Ways to Win. A Way to Win simply means getting the same slot machine symbol to appear on adjacent reels. So if you get the Viking Woman anywhere on Reel 1, another Viking Woman anywhere on Reel 2, and a third Viking Woman anywhere on Reel 3, you are a slots winner! If more Viking Women appear on Reels 4 and 5, you win even bigger slots jackpots.

It takes some higher mathematics to figure it out, but when you calculate all the different ways that winning slot machine symbols can appear on the 5-reel slot machine, it comes out to 1,024 Ways to Win.

And to make it even easier to win, the Viking Shield is a Wild Symbol that can substitute for any other symbol to create Winning Ways. So if you get a Viking Woman on Reel 1, a Viking Shield on Reel 2, and a Viking Woman on Reel 3, you have found a way to win at Arctic Fortune casino slots.

The Free Spins Bonus Game

Another important symbol in Arctic Fortune online slots is the Map symbol. If you get three or more map symbols scattered anywhere on the 5-reel slot machine, you’ll get up to 40 free spins with a multiplier of up to 6X. You can just imagine how much you can win when you play real money slots with 40 free spins and all payouts multiplied by 6.

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