Avalon II Online Slots

Avalon II is an incredible online slots game. Like the original Avalon online slots, Avalon II revolves around the legends of King Arthur, but with so much more: more life-like graphics, more Arthur-related characters, more bonus features, and more ways to win.

Online Slots with King Arthur and Company

The symbols on the Avalon II online slot machine succeed in telling the story of King Arthur in stunning graphic images. The images include:

  • Arthur: Sixth-century king of England, heroic and chivalrous, he led the Knights of the Round Table from his court in Camelot to many adventures.
  • Merlin: The shape-shifting wizard and King Arthur’s spiritual guide.
  • Guinevere: Arthur’s wife, the beautiful queen of England.
  • Morgan: Arthur’s half-sister and a powerful sorceress.
  • The Black Knight: The mortal enemy of King Arthur.
  • The Lady of the Lake: Ruler of the Island of Avalon, she gave Arthur the sword Excalibur.

Special Features of Avalon II Slots

The Avalon II online slot game has five reels and 243 Ways to Win as well as two wild symbols, the random Merlin feature, a scatter symbol, and the Grail Bonus Quest.

The first wild symbol is the Avalon II logo, seen rising spectacularly from the still waters of Avalon Lake. The wild symbol can substitute for other slot machine symbols to create a winning way.

The Lady of the Lake is an Expanding Wild. When the Lady appears anywhere on Reel 3, she can expand to cover the entire reel and award multiple winning ways on a single spin of the slot machine reels.

Merlin the Wizard can appear at any time during game play and use his supernatural powers to award a random cash prize or a multiplier.

The Holy Grail is a sacred silver chalice and, in Avalon II online slots, also a scatter symbol. Two or more Holy Grail symbols scattered anywhere on the slot machine reels will award a payout, and three or more Holy Grail symbols will also trigger the Grail Bonus Quest.

The Grail Bonus Quest

Three of more Holy Grail symbols will take you to the exciting Grail Bonus Quest, an epic journey to recover the Holy Grail that begins at Camelot and leads to Avalon. Each station along the way has its own special bonus feature:

  • At the Lake of Legend, you restore the broken sword Excalibur by rolling the dice to assemble its fragments. You will receive a prize for each fragment and an additional bonus prize for the fully restored Excalibur.
  • At the Misty Vale, you get 15 free spins and you may pick any character you want to become an extra wild symbol and a 2X multiplier.
  • In the Whispering Woods, the White Knight will present you with five shields to choose from. Pick your shield and keep the bonus prize that goes with it.
  • At Forest Falls, you get 20 free spins with Trailing Wilds that create a trail of wild symbols as they slide down the reels.
  • On the Dusky Moors, you need to match two of the same helms to win a multiplier bonus prize.
  • At Morgan’s Keep, you get 20 free spins with Rolling Reels that can award multiple consecutive win with increasing multipliers for each one.
    • In the Hall of Shadows, you engage in battle against the Black Knight to recover the grail. Each strike against the Black Knight will award you a prize.
  • The Isle of Avalon is your final destination on the Grail Bonus Quest. Here, you will spin the Wheels of Avalon to reveal your well-earned reward.
  • Play Avalon II Slots at All Slots
  • Avalon II gives you an amazing opportunity to play slots online with King Arthur and his knights. With incredible graphics, 243 ways to win, and a never-ending series of unique bonus features along the Grail Bonus Quest, it is one of the most exciting and ambitious games ever to appear in the online casino. So join up with King Arthur and play Avalon II slots online at All Slots.

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