Casino War History

The card game War has seemingly been around forever. We all remember playing War just for fun with our friends or siblings when we were little. But it is only recently that War evolved into the grownup game of Casino War and, after that, into online Casino War.

The Original Card Game War

For many people, War was their first introduction to card games. It was simple to play and ideal for beginners. The deck of cards would be shuffled and randomly divided into two stacks. Each of the two players would hold his half of the deck face down and turn over his top card. The player with the higher card won and took his opponent’s card.

If the two cards were equal, that was the invitation to “Go to war.” Each player would put down three cards face down and then one face up. The player with the higher face-up card won the war and took all of the cards that had been laid down. If the cards tied, they would go to Double War and do the whole thing again for an even bigger stash of cards.

The object of the game of War was to get all of the cards in the deck. The winner of the game would usually laugh and sing, the loser might cry, and then they could shuffle the cards and play again.

Casino War Is Born

Sometime in the 1970s, a smart Las Vegas casino owner noticed that certain customers were looking for just the right card game but weren’t finding it in his or any other casino. They wanted a card game that was fast-moving and exciting, with good odds of winning, but one that was simple to learn and to start playing. These customers did not want to spend the time learning blackjack strategy or poker strategy, which seemed more like work than play, and baccarat just seemed too strange.

And so this casino owner had the brilliant idea of taking the old at-home game of War and turning it into a casino game. Everyone knows how to play War or could learn in less than a minute, there were no complicated strategies to master, but it was a lot of fun and very fast-moving. Thus, Casino War was born.

What Makes Casino War Different?

The main difference between Casino War and old-fashioned War is that Casino War is played for real money. You put a bet down on the table, you get a card and the dealer gets a card, and if your card is higher you win at Casino War and your money is doubled. Most grown-ups agree that it is more fun to win real money than to win your opponent’s card.

The other difference is that there is no defined end to a game of Casino War. After every hand, the cards are put back into the deck and shuffled, so the cards never run out. That gives the player the freedom to play Casino War for however long a time or short a time as he wants to.

Online Casino War

The online casino was created in the 1990s, and Casino War was quickly developed into an online casino game. The developers of online Casino War did a fabulous job in replicating the look and feel and excitement of Casino War online, as well as creating the software to ensure that the online Casino War game is totally fair and random. This was a major step forward in the history of Casino War and today, as a result, thousands of people who had not played War in many years are discovering the thrill of playing Casino War online.

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