Crocodopolis Online Slots

Crocodopolis is a 5-reel 25-payline online slots game with an Egyptian theme and the exciting new Slide a Wild feature that, for the first time in slot machine history, allows you, the player, to control the rules and outcome of the game.

The Crocodopolis Online Slot Machine

In keeping with its Egyptian theme, the Crocodopolis online slot machine has rich colourful graphics of desert princes, the sacred Ankh symbol, and papyrus scrolls. The pyramids — always a primary symbol of ancient Egypt — are the scatter symbols. Two or more pyramids will award you a payout if they appear scattered anywhere on the five reels of the slot machine, while three or more pyramids will, in addition, award you 12 free spins with all payouts doubled.

The Croc — an imposing figure with the body of a man and the head of a crocodile — is the wild symbol. And exactly what type of wild figure — his features and his powers — depends on how you decide to play the Slide a Wild.

“Slide a Wild” Revolutionizes Online Slots

Slide a Wild revolutionizes online slots by giving you control over your online slot game. And here’s how it works.

You implement Slide a Wild by sliding the “Slide a Wild” slider over whichever one of the five slot machine reels you desire. The reel you choose will determine the characteristics of the Croc wild symbol as follows:

  • Slider on Reel 1: Croc will appear in Reel 1 as a wild symbol and a 2X multiplier.
  • Slider on Reel 2: Croc will appear in Reel 2 as a wild symbol and a 3X multiplier.
  • Slider on Reel 3: Croc will appear in Reel 3 as an Expanding Wild.
  • Slider on Reel 4: Croc will appear in Reel 4 as an Expanding Wild and a 3X multiplier.
  • Slider on Reel 5: Croc will appear in All positions on Reel 5 as a wild symbol and a 3X multiplier.

As you can see, the Croc gains in power as you slide him further from the first reel, allowing you to play slots online with the wild symbol that you choose according to your desire. That’s the awesome aspect of the Crocodopolis online slot game.

Play Crocodopolis Online Slots at All Slots

Crocodopolis is an amazing online slot game, and All Slots is an amazing online slots casino, featuring over 400 games to choose from plus generous bonuses and promotions and ironclad security features. So play Crocodopolis at All Slots for an amazing online slots experience with the Croc and Slide a Wild.

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