Online French Roulette

From a player’s point of view, French Roulette is probably the best roulette game in the online casino. It features a single-zero roulette wheel, the La Partage rule, and a classy roulette layout — and you don’t even need to understand French to play it!

The Single-Zero French Roulette

The French Roulette wheel, like the European Roulette wheel, has the numbers 1 through 36 and a single zero. This differs from the American Roulette wheel, which has both a single zero and a double zero.

The single-zero roulette wheel is definitely a plus from the player’s point of view. Every number on the single-zero roulette wheel has a 1-out-of-37 chance of winning, which is statistically better than the 1-out-of-38 chance you would have with a double-zero wheel. That’s why finding a single-zero wheel is a basic element of any good roulette strategy.

The French Roulette Table Is Green

The first thing you will notice about the online French Roulette table is that all the numbers are green. Does this mean that there are no red or black numbers in the French Roulette game? Not at all.

As in all roulette games, the numbers on the online French Roulette wheel — as opposed to the French Roulette table — are red and black. And, as in all roulette games, you may place an even-money bet on Red or Black in a French Roulette game, and you will win the roulette bet if your chosen colour comes up on the wheel. The all-green numbers on the French Roulette table is strictly a design element. It might appeal to you aesthetically or it might not, but it has nothing to do with your French Roulette game play or your French Roulette bets or your French Roulette strategy. If you like betting on red or black, go right ahead! You can do it in French wheel.

The French Roulette Table Is in French

Another thing you might notice about the online French Roulette table is that it is in French. But again, there is no need to panic. There are also English subtitles, so no matter how poor or non-existent your French language skills you can still enjoy a good game of online French Roulette.

For example, the even and odd betting areas are labelled “PAIR/Even” and “IMPAIR/Odd”, while the high and low roulette bets are labelled “PASSE/19 to 36” and “MANQUE/1 to 18”. The black and red bets are indicated by their colours, the universal language.

So whatever your native language, you can always enjoy playing French Roulette online, and you could even pick up some French vocabulary words as a free side benefit.

The La Partage Rule Makes French Roulette Special

The most special thing about online French Roulette, the thing that makes it such a great online roulette game for the player, is the La Partage rule. The La Partage rule states that if you make an even-money bet — black or red, even or odd, low numbers or high numbers — and the ball lands on zero, you lose only half your bet instead of losing your whole bet.

It’s never fun to lose but still, losing half your bet is better than losing your whole bet. It leaves more money in your casino account to come back and spin again, and it gives you a better chance of coming out ahead over the long run of online casino gambling. So if you ever make an even-money roulette bet, either by itself or in combination with other roulette bets, it is best to make it in French Roulette where you can hedge your bets and cut your losses with the great La Partage roulette rule.

French Roulette Gold

French Roulette Gold, like French Roulette regular, features a single-zero roulette wheel, the fantastic La Partage rule, and a betting grid in French with English subtitles. The differences bethellen the two games mostly involve the graphics, the layout, and the sound effects. So try them both and see which version of French Roulette — regular or gold — most appeals to your aesthetic sense.

Play French Roulette Online at All Slots

With its single-zero roulette wheel and the La Partage rule to increase your chances of winning at roulette, and with its green roulette table with the French lettering to add an element of class, French Roulette is truly a great online casino game. And you don’t need to take a trip to France, just come to All Slots Online Casino and play some great French Roulette today!

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