Cash Splash 5-Reel

Cash Splash 5-Reel Online Progressive Slots

Cash Splash is an online progressive slots game that comes in two versions: three-reel and five-reel. Both feature the colorful Cash Splash symbol, and both offer the same big progressive jackpot. But 5-reel Cash Splash online progressive slots is bigger, fancier, and offers more opportunities to win cash payouts.

Advantages of Cash Splash 5-Reel Online Progressive Slots

Cash Splash 5-reel online progressive slots has 15 paylines, which means fifteen opportunities to win real cash payouts on every spin of the online slot machine reels. It also has lots of winning symbols including a great scatter image that can pay you cash regardless of whether it’s on a pay line or not. You can win the huge progressive jackpot if you get five of the Cash Splash symbols all lined up on the special fifteenth pay line, as long as you bet the maximum number of coins.

Playing Multiple Pay Lines in the Cash Splash 5-Reel Progressive Slots Game

In the Cash Splash 5-Reel progressive online slots game, you can choose how many coins to bet. Each coin is worth 0.20 credits and you can bet up to fifteen. For each coin you bet, you activate an additional pay line. So if you just bet one coin, you can only use the single pay line if the middle of the screen. If you bet ten coins, then you get ten pay lines. And if you bet the maximum fifteen coins – which you need to do anyway if you want a chance to win the giant, progressive jackpot – then you get fifteen separate pay lines on which a winning combination can land.

Slot Machine Symbols in Cash Splash 5-Reel Online Progressive Slots

In the Cash Splash 5-reel online progressive slots game, there are a number of symbols that can be used to win some cash. You win if you get three, four, of five identical symbols on an enabled pay line. Of course, the more identical symbols you get, the more you win. So in addition to the Lucky Sevens, Bars, and Cherries, this game also gives you playing card symbols. You can win with Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, or even Tens. Then there are a few special symbols.

The Cash Splash 5-Reel Progressive Slot Machine Symbols

A stack-of-cash symbol is the best thing you can win without side of the Cash Splash symbol. If you get five of them, it pays out 800 credits. Then there are the scatter symbols. Scatter symbols are great because you win if you have three, four, or five of them anywhere on the screen. They do not have to be resting on any enabled pay line to win. Finally, the best symbol of all is the Cash Splash. Not only does this symbol play as a wild (meaning it can be used as substitute for any other symbol except scatter), but if you win with three, four, or five Cash Splash signs, you win the biggest jackpots. Five Cash Splash on the fifteenth pay line is your ticket to the giant jackpot that only an online progressive slots game can have.

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