Card Climber

Card Climber Online Casino Game

Test your skill and your luck with Card Climber, the card gamble game that keeps you thinking. This is a card game that is played with four decks of regular playing cards. You’ll see one card dealt face up on the left side of the screen and five cards that are all face down. Your job is to predict if the value of the first face down card is higher or lower than the previous face up card. You can then progress your way from left to right across the face down cards to win multiplier values and more.

Playing Card Climber

If you guess all five of the face down cards successfully, you win the multiplier value for that entire level. Then, when you’ve completed the level, by guessing all five cards, you can either collect your winnings or continue to play at the next level to try and win an even larger multiplier value. But be careful – if you guess incorrectly at that stage, you lose all previous multiplier values that you had won!

If you manage to complete all five levels consecutively, the Big Bonus game activates. Here, you’ll see ten cards displayed face down. Each card is hiding a prize value. You choose a card to see the prize and you win the prize that is revealed. The multiplier values in the Big Bonus value game are huge – ranging from x4500 to x10000!

Getting Started with Card Climber

When you begin card climber, you first Increase or Decrease the amount you want to bet. You then click the Play button and the cards will get into position to play. The Change button, by the way, lets you exchange the start card for another card. This option is only there at the beginning of the game, however, and is then disabled. Then, click the Higher or Lower button to predict if the card that is face down is higher or lower than the one you see face up. If you’re wrong, then the game will be over and you can start again. If you’re right, then you move on to the next card. This is a great game for entertainment and a chance to win exciting prizes. It keeps you on your toes at all times and keeps the momentum and excitement going!

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