The Kashatoa Online Casino Game

Kashatoa is an online casino game which resembles the pin ball machines you find in pubs, bars and arcades. It offers many ways to win but also many pitfalls. You can choose a betting chip of $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1 or $2.

The Kashatoa Volcano

The Kashatoa screen opens up to a picture of a bright red volcano sitting in a sea of lava. The name is undoubtedly a play on the volcanic island of Krakatoa, near Samoa, which exploded in 1883 and changed the weather patterns world-wide for two years.

At the bottom enter of this online casino game is the box for your chip selection, and to the left of it are the instructions. Once you have selected your chip, you click on Play to begin the game. A pinball with your bet selection shoots out from a spring at the top right hand corner of the screen and begins its descent on the metallic rungs stuck all over the volcano’s surface.

At the foot of the Kashatoa volcano there are eight pockets with multiplying numbers. If your chip lands in one of these, you win the amount of your bet times the multiplying figure. If it misses any of the pockets, your chip lands in the sea of lava. In the enter of the volcano there is a pocket called “double up”, and when your chip lands there, it jumps out as two chips giving you an extra chance to make a win. A little lower down there are two pockets with an “x” on them. These are pitfalls. A chip entering these pockets gets burned up.

More Kashatoa Online Casino Game Bonuses

In addition to the winning opportunities described above, Kashatoa online casino game offers two Bonus Trails, one on either side of the volcano. Each one has five levels, and each level has a x5 multiplier. If your chip chances to enter either of these Bonus Trails, you are marked with the multiplier, and if you reach all five levels, you collect 25 times your bet.

The Kashatoa online casino game has two other bonus features. On the upper right hand side of the volcano there is a “Spin Bonus” which is a wheel with eight different multiplying figures. If your chip enters this wheel, the wheel spins and you win your bet times the multiplying figure that shows under the arrow.

On the upper left hand side of the Kashatoa volcano there is a block that says “Reel Bonus”. When your chip enters the Reel Bonus, it spins around and gives you a multiple of your bet — sometimes x1, sometimes x2 or x3.

An Exciting Online Casino Game

With all these different ways of obtaining wins, Kashatoa is quite an exciting online casino game, not “casual” at all.

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