Super Bonus Bingo

Super Bonus Bingo

Just looking at this screen, you’ll know that Super Bonus Bingo has a lot going on – and that there are many great ways to win. This is one of the online casino games that include a huge board. On the board are displayed numbers from 1 to 80 and there is a hidden basket that has corresponding numbers. Twenty balls will be randomly drawn when the game stars. You can also decide at the end of the game to get two more bonus balls by spending additional credits, under certain conditions. Your goal is to accumulate as many hits as possible on the active Payout Schedule.

More Super Bonus Bingo Details

Now, to begin Super Bonus Bingo, you click the New Game button. Then you click on the Chip Selector Increase or Decrease button to select how much you want to bet. Click the Repeat Bet button is you want to use the same numbers you used in the last game, or click the Clear button to remove all selections that have been made. Now, it’s time to click between two and ten Bingo balls. Every ball that you select is highlighted in blue. You can then decide to have Turbo On or Turbo Off, depending on whether or not you want to speed up the play. Now, it’s time to Play! Each ball is drawn and is placed in the draw position. Your selections are compared to the balls that have been drawn, and you’re paid out according to the payout schedule if some of your selections match the balls that are drawn.

Payouts with Super Bonus Bingo

The payout schedule has a large range of possibilities, making it fun to play and more likely that you’ll win something. The largest possibility, for instance, is x10000 if you selected 10 balls and got 10 hits. As another example, if you’ve selected 4 balls and you get 4 hits, it pays out x62.

General Rules

With this game, as with any of the online casino games, there are important rules to know before you begin. You can bet on a minimum of two balls or a maximum of ten balls. When you finish the twenty balls, you can play a bonus game with the same amount of credits you initially bet in the main game. This is only if you receive enough hits to place you in a position marked in white on your corresponding Payout Schedule. Have more fun with Super Bonus Bingo today and enjoy many bonus changes to win at bingo fun!

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