Wheel of Riches

Wheel of Riches Online Casino Game

If you love roulette, or you love the idea of taking home prizes, then you’ll love Wheel of Riches! This is a roulette type of game with two bonus games in it! You’ll see an enormous wheel when you get to the game and a roulette table betting area. The game wheel is set up with 39 segments. 37 of them have the numbers of a roulette wheel and each segment is separated with a different color. There are two additional segments that are labeled Spin and Bonus and these two sections activate the bonus games – the Free Spins bonus game and the Multiplier bonus game.

Enjoying Wheel of Riches Online Casino Game

You don’t have to limit yourself with only one bet here. You can place multiple bets on the Bet Board at the same time, and each bet is independent of the other bets that you’ve placed. And, each pays out accordingly. When you’re ready to play, you click the required Chip display to select the chip size you want. Place your bets and watch the wheel spin to see if you land on a winning combination with this online casino game. An Even-Money bet, for instance, offers odds of 2:1 while a Straight Up bet offers odds of 36:1. The bets are similar to the bets you’d find in roulette with inside bets, outside bets and many different betting options.

Bonus Mania

The Free Spins bonus game offers up to five free spins. If the wheel stops on the Spins section, the Free Spins bonus game activates. You then play the Free Spins bonus game right on the game wheel. Click on the Spin button to see how many free spins you’ll get and those free spins are then automatically activated. The Multiplier Bonus Game offers you random multiplier values on your total bet. If your wheel stops at the Bonus position then the Multiplier bonus game activates. You’ll then click the Spin button to spin the bonus reel and see if you win a random multiplier value.

Have Fun Today!

Wheel of Riches online casino game offers oodles of ways to have fun today! Join in the fun and see if you’re the lucky winner of the riches today!

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