Bingo Bango Boom!

Bingo Bango Boom! Online Slots

Get ready for a booming good time with the three reel, one payline and one coin slot machine game Bingo Bango Boom! The bright yellow background and the colourful balls set the scene for the fun game play. There are many regular symbols here that set the Bingo tone as well from the Bar and Plum symbols to the Seven, Melon and Boom symbols. In addition to the regular game here, there are loads of other fun ways to win as well. There is a Reel Bonus Game, a Bingo Bango Boom! Bonus Game, Nudges and Holds and so much more.

Online Slots Extra Fun

Random symbols on the reels have bonus labels, and if one is displayed on a payline during the regular slots game, then you get to the Reel Bonus Game. You can win up to three chances to play the bonus features. When you get to the Reel Bonus Game, you’ll see various features that are randomly flashing in the window. You click the stop button and win the feature it stops on.

Bingo Bango Boom! Bonus Game

Now, for the Bingo Bango Boom! Bonus Game, you can win as much as 3000x multiplier value on your bet amount. In the regular game, you accumulate numbers as you play. When you’ve accumulated eight or more, the Bingo Bango Boom! Bonus Game will activate. Here, you’ll see a Bingo Card, Bingo Machine and 8 bonus features. If you get a match between the Bingo Machine and a feature on the Bingo Card, you can win oodles of great benefits. You can win nudges, multiplier values and so much more.

Other Great Online Slot Machine Features

With Bingo Bango Boom! there are also nudges and holds. There are all sorts of Nudge features. You can win up to 15 reel nudges per spin in the regular slot game. There is also the Bank Held feature and the Extra Interest feature which adds nudges to your total. In addition, there is a Hold feature here so that you can hold a reel position that will help you to win in the next spin.

Get Ready with Bingo Bango Boom!

It’s time to have more fun with the online slot machine game that just keeps on giving. This game is full of great features and adventures and will keep you enjoying yourself with all of the twists and turns it takes to winning advantages!

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