Dino Might

Dino Might Online Slots

Prehistoric dinosaurs come to the 21st-century flash casino in the online slot game Dino Might. This is a brightly coloured, fantastically animated dinosaur-themed online slots game with dinosaurs soaring by and chirping in the background. Dino Might is a 5-reel, 25 payline and 250 coin slot machine game that has multiple paylines to increase your chances of winning.

Great Dino Might Online Slot Machine Features

You’ll find some amazing features when you play Dino Might slots online. The regular symbols include all sorts of colourful dinosaurs including Triceratops, Brontosaurus, Pachy C, and Ankylosaurus. There are also interesting and unusual flowers and plants of the time such as the Rafflesia and the Cycad. The Dino Might Symbol is the wild, multiplier symbol. It doubles the payout of any combination that it completes when it’s acting as a wild symbol. The Amber Fossil Symbol is the scatter symbol and it can be scattered anywhere on the five reels of the online slot machine, as long as there are two or more of these symbols present.

Online Slot Machine Bonus Fun

Now, there is even more fun with the bonus games available with this online casino slots game. The Triggersaurus Symbol triggers the Reel bonus game if there are three or more of them on enabled paylines. The number of Triggersaurus symbols that you have before you play dictates how many Bonus Triggersaurus symbols you’ll be able to choose in the bonus game. Each Bonus Triggersaurus symbol is a random value and it will be multiplied by the number of coins you bet per payline to give you your bonus win amount. For three Triggersaurus symbols you get to pick one Bonus Triggersaurus symbol; if four Triggersaurus symbols activate the bonus game, you get to select two Triggersaurus symbols; and if five Triggersaurus symbols get you into the bonus round, you’ll have three selections of Bonus Triggersaurus symbols.
Now, for the other bonus game, the Match bonus game, you can enter when three or more Amber Fossil symbols are scattered on the five reels. Here, you’ll see 21 blocks and your job is to choose blocks until you find four of the same fossil.

Have Prehistoric Fun with Dino Might Slots Online!

Dino Might online slots is waiting to offer you some good old-fashioned prehistoric fun! Come along today and enjoy your time in the time of the dinosaurs!

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