High Five

High Five Online Slots

The best symbol you can see on the High Five online slot machine is the special High Five image. The symbol has an orange and yellow number 5 with the word “High” written above in pink. There are two ways to win with this online slots image. The best is if you get three High Five symbols on this casino slots game’s single pay line. If you get that, you will win 2,000, 5,000, or even 15,000 coins depending on whether you played the winning spin with one, two, or three coins.

The High 5 Wild Symbol

But even if you don’t get three of them in a row, you can still win with the High 5 symbol. That’s because they can be used as a wild symbol to complete another combination. So if you have two red sevens and a High Five, you win. Even better, when you use a High Five to complete a winning combination, the amount you win is 5 times the regular payout. Complete a winning combination with two of these wild symbols and you win 25 times the regular payout.

Many Winning Combinations in High Five Slots

Outside of the High Fives, there are still many ways to win while playing this online slot game. Red or blue sevens are winners if three are lined up on the pay line. The game pays more if the winning combination is made of identical sevens, but with any three sevens you still win. You can also win with the standard bars and cherries. Even a single cherry anywhere on the pay line will pay out.

How to Bet on the High Five Online Slot Machine

Wagering in this online slots game is straightforward. First you choose your coin size. You can choose from .25 credits to 5. Then, you decide on how many coins you want to play. While changing the amount you bet does not affect the odds of winning, it will affect how much you win. The more you wager, the more you can win if you get a winning combination. If you get the triple High Five jackpot and bet one coin, you would win 2,000. But, if you had bet three, you would win 15,000 coins. So think carefully before setting your bet in this online slot machine.

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