Rhyming Reels: Georgie Porgie

Georgie Porgie, the boldly amorous young lad from the old children’s rhyme, has grown up and is now in university! He’s still up to his old tricks, however, kissing the girls and making them cry. But YOU could be laughing your way to the bank with 15, 20 or 25 free spins that pay 5x – and even award extra free spins and bonus multipliers for rich rewards. The Georgie Porgie logo symbol is wild and pays generously at 5x the regular amount. And when this lucky symbol lands during free spins, you’ll win an extra 25x payout! If you think that unlike Georgie, you can get lucky, play the Gamble feature to double or even quadruple your win.

Georgie Porgie Online Slots

Nursery rhymes take on a whole new meaning with the Georgie Porgie rhyming reels online slot machine. Georgie Porgie never had it so good with reels full of beautiful girls, cool guys, Wilds, Scatter symbols, and more. Georgie Porgie is a five-reel, fifteen-payline online slots game that will make you laugh with delight as you watch Georgie get his comeuppance after he kisses the girls and makes them cry.

The Georgie Porgie Online Slot Machine Symbols

The Georgie Porgie slot machine symbols include Georgie Porgie himself, the girls, the boys who came out to play, and a silhouette of Georgie’s escape route. The Georgie Porgie Logo is the game’s Wild symbol which can substitute for any other symbol to complete paylines and multiply payouts. The Logo creates its own winning combination when multiple Wilds appear in a line on an enabled payline.

The Georgie Porgie scatter symbol is the Mint symbol which completes Scatter Combinations whenever two or more Mint symbols appear simultaneously on the reels. If three scatters appear simultaneously they activate the Free Spins bonus game. Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the total number of regular coins that you’ve bet by the scatter symbols combination.

Free Spins with Georgie

Whenever three or more Mint scatter symbols appear together on the reels the Free Spins bonus game is activated. You can receive up to 25 free spins with the number of free spins determined by the number of trigger symbols that activated the bonus game. All free spins wins are multiplied by five. Every time that a Mint symbol appears on the reels during the free spins you receive an additional spin and those free spins are added to your existing free spin count. If you achieve a Georgie Porgie Logo symbol during the Free Spins you receive a 25x multiplier on the payout.

Gamble with Georgie

The Georgie Porgie Slot Machine offers the popular Gamble feature that can double or quadruple your winnings. Any win may trigger the gamble feature. You can choose to play the Gamble or skip it and collect your payout and continue on with the regular game.

When you play the Gamble you receive a hidden card. If you correctly guess the card’s suit (hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds) you can quadruple your winnings, while if you correctly guess the card’s colour (black or red) you can double your existing earnings. You can play up to five Gamble rounds per Georgie Porgie game.

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