3-Card Poker

Online Three-Card Poker

Online three-card poker is a bit of a cross between an online slot machine and an online poker game. It is like an online slot because you can win depending on what three cards you have just like with a slot machine, you can win if you have three matching images. Yet this is an online poker game. There are no cherries or bars here. You win or lose depending on the poker value of your 3 card hand. What makes the game interesting is that it is actually two games in one. When you play online 3-card poker, you can choose which game to play or play both at the same time.

The First Game of Online 3-Card Poker

The first game of online 3-card poker you can play is called Pair-Plus. Just as the name implies, the game is all about getting at least a pair in your 3-card poker hand. If you have a pair (the third card is the plus), then you win regardless of the dealer’s cards. You can win even bigger in this online three-card poker game if you have a straight (cards in sequence) or flush (cards in the same suit). Get a straight flush (cards in numeric order in the same suit), and you’ll win a fantastic 40-to-1 payout.

The Second Game of Online Three-Card Poker

The second game you can play is called Ante-and-Play three-card poker. In this game, you can raise your bet and challenge the dealer. You don’t even need a pair to win. All you need to do is have a better hand than the dealer. So let’s say you have a five, six, and Ace. Normally that is not a winning poker hand. But if the Dealer has a five, six, and nine, then your Ace high is better than his nine high. You win the cash. Try winning cash with that sort of hand in any other game of poker. For the most fun, you can play Pair-Plus and Ante-and-Play at the same time. That way you get more fun and more chances to win.

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