Hold’em High Poker

Hold’em High Online Poker

When you’re ready for a great poker game that involves both skill and chance, Hold’em High Multi-Hand Poker online is a great choice. This game is based on the normal rules of Poker and is played with one standard 52 card deck. When you start this online poker game, you’ll be dealt two cards and the dealer will have five cards that are all face down.

Poker Online Play Options

Now, when you get your cards, you can Call, Raise or Fold. The dealer’s cards will then be shown and the winnings will be paid out depending on your cards. Now, your goal, of course, is to finish off your hand with the strongest hand possible. There is a possible side bet that can be placed as well. One interesting thing in this game is that you don’t have to place the regular ante bet in order to play the side bet.

Payout with this Online Poker Game

When you play Hold’em High Multi-Hand Poker online you’ll certainly want to know the payout schedule. Now, an Ace is counted as high for any Straight. The most basic payout is for Two Pairs with Jacks or better and it pays out 1:1. The highest payout is for a Royal Flush and it pays out 500:1!

Hold’em High Multi-Hand Poker Side Bet

There is a possible side bet with this online poker game as well. It’s optional and makes you eligible for additional payout opportunities. It’s a separate bet from your regular bet, and it is placed before any hands are dealt. The side bet is determined by the first two cards that are dealt to you. If you also placed an ante bet, then the game will continue after the side bet is decided. If you didn’t place an ante bet, then the game simply ends after the side bet. With the side bet, any two cards of the same suit pay out 5:2; Ace and King of the same suit pay out 25:1; and an Ace and King of Spades pays out 50:1.

Hold’em High Multi-Hand Poker Fun

Get ready for a great game with Hold’em High Multi-Hand Poker online. You’ll enjoy playing for the regular bet and for the side bet, and can combine your skill with a bit of luck in this engaging and interesting online poker game!

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