SunQuest Online Slots

Get out your sunglasses before you jump into the bright and refreshing world of SunQuest online slots. This is a 5-reel, 9-payline and 9-coin online slot machine game that’s centred around bright, sunny symbols. Regular symbols here include the shiny gold Coin, the sparkling Diamond, the bright purple Seven, the gold Bell, the gold Bar, and many vibrant fruit choices from the Orange and Watermelon to the Lemon and Strawberry. For the combinations to produce winnings the symbols have to be next to each other on an enabled payline. Winning combinations also work from left to right, meaning that at least one symbol has to be displayed on the first slot reel.

The SunQuest Online Slot Machine Wild Symbol

Additional chances to win are offered with the wild symbol. The Sunset wild symbol substitutes for other slot machine symbols to complete winning combinations. So, for example, a payline with Diamond-Sunset-Diamond will pay out just as if you had three Diamonds in a row.

The Online Slot Game Scatter Symbol

There is also a scatter symbol with SunQuest online slots in the form of the SunQuest Scatter Symbol. Continuing with the festive and colourful look of the SunQuest online slot game, the SunQuest Scatter Symbol has many colours to it and a fanciful script. The scatter symbol can be scattered anywhere on the five reels of the online slot machine as long as there are three or more of them. Winnings are figured out by multiplying the SunQuest Scatter Symbol payout by the total number of credits you’ve bet.

Fun in the Sun with SunQuest Casino Slots Online

With its colourful symbols and good chances to win, SunQuest will keep you feeling bright and sunshiney while you enjoy yourself playing slots online. Good luck, and have fun in the sun with SunQuest online slots.

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