The Great Galaxy Grab Online Slots

The Great Galaxy Grab Online Slots

It’s hard to tell what you’ll love best about The Great Galaxy Grab online slots. Is it the amusing characters, the fantastic 3-D graphics, the big jackpots, or the unique 6-level storyboard bonus feature? No matter what your answer, you’re sure to find The Great Galaxy Grab an out-of-this-world online slots experience.

The Story Behind the Online Slot Game

The Great Galaxy Grab starts with a comical video that explains the story behind the online slot game. It seems that Captain Bronzebeard has been paying more attention to his new spaceship, the galactic galleon Stella, than to his wife Steele Scarlett. In a bid for attention, Steel Scarlet has taken off on a mission of mayhem across the galaxy. The Captain, desperate to win her heart back, is in hot pursuit in a galactic space chase.

The Online Slot Machine Symbols

The top online slot machine symbols in The Great Galaxy Grab are, of course, the main characters in the story: Captain Bronzebeard, Steel Scarlet, and Stella. The Captain awards the biggest jackpots in the regular online slot game: 2,000 coins for every coin bet if you get five Captain Bronzebeard symbols on an enabled payline. Steel Scarlet is a scatter symbol and she also initiates the unique Space Chase bonus feature, as we shall discuss later.

In addition, we have the three robotic crew members of the galactic galleon: Deckhand Dan, Trusty Rusty, and Dozer. Then there are the six space-chase stations: the Astro Bank, the Astro Fuel Station, the Astro Diner, the Astro Saloon, the Astro Casino, and the Astro Mall.

Finally, there is the Great Galaxy Grab logo symbol, which is both a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. When acting as a wild symbol, it doubles all winning payouts. And when acting as a scatter symbol, it unleashes 10 free spins with a 3X multiplier.

The Space Chase Online Slots Bonus Feature

The Space Chase bonus feature is the unique element that sets The Great Galaxy Grab apart from all other online casino slots games. The bonus feature has six levels that each takes place at a different extraterrestrial location. Every time you complete a level of the Space Chase, you become eligible to play at the next level and compete for even bigger bonus jackpots.

If you get three or more Steel Scarlet symbols scattered anywhere on the 5-reel slot slot machine, you enter the Bank Bonus game where you can win big jackpots. Then, the next time you get three or more Steel Scarlets, you will enter the Refuel Bonus game where you can win even bigger jackpots. And so on, as you advance to the Diner Bonus, Saloon Bonus, Casino Bonus, and Mall Bonus Games, each with bigger jackpots than the previous one. Finally, after completing all six bonus games of the Space Chase, you will receive a Happy Ending bonus as your reward.

A great thing about the Space Chase online slots bonus feature is that it has a memory. If you have completed two levels, for example, and you leave the game, the computer will remember where you are. The next time you play The Great Galaxy Grab online slots game, 3 Steel Scarlet symbols will immediately take you to Level Three, the Diner Bonus game. That’s a lot more fun, and a lot more lucrative, than having to start all over again at Level One every time you play slots online.

Play The Great Galaxy Grab Slots Online

There are many good reasons to play The Great Galaxy Grab slots online at All Slots Online Casino. The 5 reels and 25 paylines, the fun story line, the fantastic cast of characters, the big jackpots, the free spins, and the 6-level bonus feature with memory are some of them. So give The Great Galaxy Grab a try and have a galaxy full of fun.

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